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December 3 Morning Rain Afternoon Brief Shower Colder Sunday

Maryland Weather
climate data
rain timeline

December 3 2022

Saturday Morning Update 

This is our 3rd time of this repeating cycle, and if you have caught onto the trend, that means morning rain ending close to lunchtime and gusty winds. Then a brief shower in the afternoon followed by colder air.

Below, I have the live radar widget to compare to the model simulations to see how well or poorly they are behaving. 

Sunday will be colder for outdoor plans and the roughly 70,000 people at the Ravens game.

Next week we shake the pattern up a little and look for a change on the horizon. 


  • Today: Morning Rain, Afternoon Line Of Showers
  • Sunday: Sunny And Cooler
  • Next Week: Warming Before The Winter Pattern Kicks In


Morning Temperatures

A mild start to the day. Temps will remain in the 50s to near 60ºF most of the day.

December 3 weather temperatures Saturday morning


Morning Surface Weather

The heaviest rain is moving through this morning, but the back edge will still be a few hours behind.

A break for the afternoon, then a line of showers with the actual cold front. See the timeline suggestion below.

December 3 weather storm Saturday morning

Live Radar

Use the controls to pan and zoom the view.



Radar Snapshot at 8 AM

The heaviest rain of the day is moving through metro areas now.

December 3 weather radar rain Saturday morning



Radar Simulation

8 AM to 8 PM

December 3 weather rain forecast radar

Key Timeframes


December 3 weather radar rain noon

Following The Front

3 PM Temperatures

Still mild, but we can see the colder air moving in behind the rain line in the mountains.


3 PM

December 3 weather radar rain 3 pm


4 PM

December 3 weather radar rain 4 PM


5 PM

December 3 weather radar rain 5 pm

6 PM

Wind Forecast 

8 AM to Midnight 

A steady strong southerly flow will shift to the Northwest with the front.

December 3 weather wind forecast Saturday

Winds at 4 PM



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TODAY December 3

Normal Low in Baltimore:  32ºF

Record 11ºF in 1976

SNOW: 2 inches in 1907

Normal High in Baltimore: 51ºF

Record 72ºF 1998

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Comparing The Snow In Decembers With Similar Patterns

Comparing December Cold Pattern Forecast To Snow In Similar Analog Years

December Outlook Trending Colder For Start Of Meteorological Winter

Sunday Weather:

It will be breezy and colder!



Most of the region will be near or below freezing in the morning.



It will be a chilly afternoon at the game.

December 3 weather temperatures Sunday Ravens game

Jet Stream:

After a mild midweek, we begin to break the pattern and turn colder next weekend. The middle of the month looks quite wintry with multiple chances of snow events.   

I will NOT show synoptic weather maps beyond 1 week because I do not trust them. Most likely after 7 days, what we see will not translate. These jet stream global patterns are more reliable, which is why I show them for longer trends.

December 3 weather jet stream winter

7 Day Forecast

After the rain, it will be chilly for the Ravens game. Then mild again next week with rain ahead of the pattern change.


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