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07:07 AM

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04:44 PM

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Dec 04,2021

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November 6 Southeast Storm Then Warmer Next Week


Saturday November 6

Before discussing the weather, let’s get to the elephant in the room. Today is the last day of Daylight Saving Time. We turn the clocks back tonight, and the groans are growing larger. 

While we get an extra hour of sleep, the impact on our lives will be abruptly noticeable in the afternoon… Our sunset will go from 6 PM today to 4:58 PM tomorrow. With extra cloud cover, it will really feel dark- early!



My question is why do we call it Standard Time when it lasts only 4 months?  Congress has changed the ‘dates’ multiple times… and the Standard Time keeps getting shorter.  Will there be a day it gets removed all together?

Reminder: Check your car clock before work on Monday, and change the batteries in the smoke detectors. 


Morning Surface Weather

We have High Pressure in control and another frosty morning. 

The storm in the Southeast will be close enough to brush us with clouds, and bring some flooding to the coastal areas. 


Morning Temperatures


Closer Look At Southern Maryland




Afternoon Cloud Forecast



Afternoon Temperatures 


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Weather Almanac: Climate Data

TODAY November 6

Normal Low in Baltimore:  39ºF

Record 22ºF in 1991


Normal High in Baltimore: 60ºF

Record 80ºF 2015


Tracking That Storm

The path will remain along the Southeast coast, then move out to the Atlantic on Monday. Following will be sunshine and a warm up.



Cloud Cover Forecast

Our region will be split with more sun to the west and north, but more clouds south and east.

There will be a push of clouds into metro areas on Sunday. That is why I expect the dark impact on Sunday ‘afternoon’ will be extra noticeable.



Coastal Flooding: 

This should be more of an issue on the Atlantic Coast. See the water forecast maps here.

See all Bay/Coastal Water Forecast Maps



Sunday Temps






7 Day Forecast




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