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Northern Lights On Display In New England With Aurora Event

aurora northern lights

Thursday November 4 2021

The sun is waking up from its slumber. Last week a solar storm was being tracked for a Halloween aurora event. That underachieved, but was followed by TWO solar storms early this week. The result was a great display of the Northern Lights across the Northern US including New England. 

My first view of this came from my friend Jacob Wycoff, WBZ Meteorologist in Boston. See more below.



Even Better: Timelapse Video

Best of this session shown below

Credit to Rob Wright and Tamitha Skov for the best capture of the Northern Lights.



Solar Storm Measuring 

This was a moderate G Event!




Cannibal CME

On November 1st and 2nd, two successive solar storms erupted two Coronal Mass Ejections (CME). The second event was larger and faster, which overtook the first one. The result actually sped up the timing when it reached Earth. That happened to be overnight last night. 


Solar Wind Storm

Under normal conditions, the solar wind is about 1 million mph. With the sun averaging 93 million miles away from Earth, that usually translates to a typical arrival time up 4 days after an eruption. 

The recent storm increased the solar wind to 1,825,340 mph.

That’s some pretty fast wind!





Planetary K index

This reached the needed K index of 7 threshold to have a chance to be visible south of the Canadian Boarder. Sometimes we can view it in  The Mid Atlantic, but would need an even stronger event for better odds here.




More Photos

As seen from the NWS Office in Caribou Maine



Rob Wright’s Collection

Also thanks to  TamithaSkov




Aurora Forecast

The storm has peaked, and the viewing has shifted to the dark side of the planet. It is likely to diminish for the Eastern US by nightfall. 




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