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November 5 Close Enough For Coastal Storm To Impact Our Weekend


Friday November 5

This morning starts with freezing temperatures in the warning area, but not everyone in southern Maryland got that cold.  Next up will be a storm off of the Southeast US Coast that will be close enough to impact our region with clouds and coastal flooding.

This will NOT be like the last storm, but worth noting. Then we can look forward to a few quiet and warmer days next week.

Morning Surface Weather

High Pressure is in control, helping with the freezing start.  As one system exits of the coast,  a new one forming in the Gulf will track off the Southeast Coast.

This will send high clouds our way, that may thicken up over the weekend.  It will also increase the winds and high water on the coast.


Morning Temperatures


Closer Look At Southern Maryland



What to wear?

A few layers and a jacket!


Satellite Loop

2 Hours Ending at 6:20 AM




Cloud Forecast

8 AM to 8 PM Friday


Afternoon Temperatures



In Case You Missed It


Northern Lights On Display In New England Thursday




Weather Almanac: Climate Data

TODAY November 5

Normal Low in Baltimore:  40ºF

Record 24ºF in 1998


Normal High in Baltimore: 60ºF

Record 83ºF 1961






Weekend Weather


This storm off of the Southeast Coast will be met with High Pressure to our north. The combination will help to funnel stronger east winds. That Onshore Flow will enhance two things:

More Clouds


Coastal Flooding:

This should be more of an issue on the Atlantic Coast. See the water forecast maps here.

See all Bay/Coastal Water Forecast Maps


Storm Forecast:

European Model through Monday shows the rain staying just south of Delmarva. This is a close call, and close enough for clouds and winds to expand farther into Maryland.




Cloud Forecast:

This shows more clouds this weekend, clearing out on Monday. The numbers are cloud temperatures in ºC.




Saturday Temps


Still areas below freezing, but otherwise widespread frost.



Remaining cooler than average in the 50s.


7 Day Forecast

This weekend we will watch that coastal storm for clouds. Farther west and north may get more sun mixed in.

Next week we clear out and warm up above average for the bulk of the week.




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