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September 19 A Few Nice Days Then Tropical Like Storm This Weekend

Coastal Storm
Maryland Weather
climate data

September 19, 2023

Tuesday Morning Update

We are in the grip of a Canadian Air Mass that is bringing an early taste of autumn. Gradually over the next few days, we will warm up with the afternoon sun. The developing situation may be a possible storm. The old cold front is stalling and may form something with tropical characteristics near The Bahamas on Thursday. There is no promise it will get named, but it looks more like it will head our way and make for a soggy weekend.


Click here for the new report on the Weekend Soaker


This storm may be a drought buster and flood maker. Your weekend plans may have to deal with heavy rain AND strong winds. More detailed maps below.

Morning Surface Weather

I am showing this wide view today to highlight multiple features.

  • Hurricane Nigel is far out in the Central Atlantic Ocean. Winds are 80 mph and that cold front will protect the East Coast and steer it out in the ocean.
  • High Pressure is in control with our clear, cool, and crisp weather.
  • The old front is stalling off the Southeast US Coast near The Bahamas. This region is prone to develop new Low Pressure later in the week, which will head north and reach us this weekend. More on that below.

September 19 Weather Tuesday morning Hurricane Nigel


Wind Forecast

8 AM to 8 PM

A Small Craft Advisory is in effect on the Chesapeake Bay. Winds will average 10 to 20 mph with higher gusts mid-day.

September 19 weather wind forecast Tuesday

Temperature Forecast

Still slightly below average. It is hard to believe we were in the middle of a record heat wave just one week ago.

September 19 weather temperatures Tuesday afternoon


What You May Have Missed: Last Evening Brought TWO Sky Shows

Here are the posts I shared on my Facebook Page. The comments are filled with additional photos.

Crescent Moon

I call this a Thumbnail Moon. Some call it Cats Claw.


Star Link Satellite Chain

This is the Elon Musk company determined to provide wireless satellite-based internet around the globe. A line of satellites seen across the sky has become a more common sight. This was over the Mid-Atlantic Monday around 8:38 PM.


TODAY September 19

Sunrise at 6:51 AM

Sunset at 7:09 PM

Normal Low in Baltimore:  59ºF

Record 42ºF in 1896; 1983

Normal High in Baltimore: 79ºF

Record 94ºF 1896

New Reports:

El Niño Advisory: First Look At NOAA’s Winter Outlook Expectations

Winter Outlook 2024 From Two Farmers Almanacs

Return to Cold and Snow


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Wednesday Weather: Temperature Forecast

Wednesday Morning

Seasonably cool and not as chilly.

September 19 weather temperatures Wednesday morning

Wednesday Afternoon

Seasonal temps with most in the 70s, near 80ºF in urban areas. A cooling breeze may keep parts of Delmarva in the upper 60s.

September 19 weather temperatures Wednesday afternoon

Looking Ahead

Thursday Morning To Sunday Night 

Watch the bottom right side of the image. This is where Low Pressure will develop, then move north. It is expected to reach us with rain before sunrise on Saturday, then may stall out over the weekend.

September 19 weather storm forecast east coast weekend


Closer View: Mid-Atlantic 


With Low Pressure making landfall in North Carolina, it may be trying to develop into a tropical system but it needs to reach 39 mph winds to get named. It will most likely have tropical moisture with it.

September 19 weather Saturday afternoon storm rain


Saturday Afternoon Winds

While this may be a tropical-like system, it will have cool air feeding into it. That is the side we will be on. The North to Northeast air flow may average 15 to 30 mph, and up to 40 closer to the beaches.

This will enhance the rain and keep temps chilly in the 60s.

September 19 weather Saturday afternoon storm wind



Wind Saturday to Sunday Night

We can see the center of circulation as the storm core moves over Delmarva and may stall.

September 19 storm wind forecast weekend


Rain Friday Night to Monday Morning

The Low-Pressure system with tropical moisture will move into central Maryland and may stall for a day. The heaviest rain will be on Saturday, with showers lasting Sunday and into Monday.

September 19 storm forecast weekend


Rainfall Potential

This is a suggestion and is subject to change…

Based on the latest guidance, over 1 inch of rain is likely east of the mountains, with much heavier rain in central Maryland to the coast.

September 19 weather rain storm forecast

7 Day Forecast

A pleasant few days with cool mornings and sunny afternoons, gradually warming.

Then we watch that storm form off the Southeast US coast and move north.  We should get the wind and rain by Saturday morning which will last through the weekend.

September 19 weather forecast 7 day Tuesday


2023 Hurricane Season Forecast With An El Niño Watch


EARLIER IN AUGUST: Maryland Trek 10 For These Kids

I will have a follow-up and recap on our amazing week shortly.

Maryland Trek 10 Kids


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La Niña Has Ended. El Niño May Return By Fall


Aurora Photos From Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia

Aurora Northern Lights April 23 Deep Creek Lake Maryland


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