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La Niña Has Ended With A New El Niño Possible By Fall

El Nino
La Nina

March 10, 2023

The latest report from The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has confirmed the expectations I had all winter. The cold temperature phenomenon in the tropical Pacific Ocean known as La Niña has ended. The outlook calls for a swing back to El Niño later this year. More on that below.

March 10 NOAA La Nina Ended

Sea Surface Temperature Animations

December 14 2022 to March 1 2023

Sea Surface Temperatures 

The central Pacific temperatures are warming.

March 10 sea surface temperatures Pacific La Nina



Temperature Anomalies 

The cooler than average water temperatures of La Niña has smoothed out and neutral conditions prevail.

March 10 sea surface temperatures anomalies Pacific La Nina

Winter Was Affected

A coordinated effort with NOAA, The National Weather Service, and the Climate Prediction Center has shown that the conditions have weakened and only persist in the central Pacific Ocean.  Parts of the Eastern Pacific are actually above average, which may have been contributing to some of the excessive storm tracks and Pineapple Express developing between Hawaii and the Western US.

We have had THREE La Niñas in a row, which is a rarity and seems to have played a significant role in our extreme winter storm track season. While the Mid-Atlantic has been in a snow drought, parts of California are pushing 700 inches of snow for the season.

March 10 snow analysis


Validation – Sort Of

This was forecasted to occur at the end of winter, and was the reason for my report last December titled:

La Niña Likely to End During This Winter Increasing Late Season Snow Odds

I cannot claim victory when my overall snow outlook for this season has been a fail. This is about one month later than I was expecting, and perhaps a little too late in the season to make an impact. The jury is out on that.

However, there has been an increase in snow events pushing farther east and south in the last two Weeks! I believe this fits my theory, even if it’s late.


Late Winter Stormy Forecast

GFS Model: Friday Night March 10 to Saturday Afternoon March 18

This animation is NOT a promise, as we have seen many long range forecasts flip/flop. It does demonstrate the active atmosphere and busy week ahead. Here we see the current East Coast storm, followed by another storm trying Sunday night and Monday. Then another event at the end of next week.


March 10 winter storm forecast snow



El Niño Forecast

From the NOAA Report:

“The forecaster consensus favors ENSO-neutral through summer 2023, with elevated chances of El Niño developing afterwards”


Here we can see the increased chance to develop an El Niño AFTER April with a 60% Chance of an El Niño between September and October.

March 10 NOAA El Nino Forecast



Why is this important?

El Niño in the Pacific LOWERS the hurricane activity in the Atlantic.

September is the peak of the hurricane season and increased upper level winds tend to inhibit tropical storm formation. There will be storms, but this should lower the expectations for this year after a few very busy seasons.


REPORT: March Snow and Extreme Weather History

March Snow and Extreme Weather History

March Snow Map NESIS 1958


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My REALISTIC Expectations for the COLD OUTLOOK

March 4 weather NOAA Outlook Temperatures Day 6 to 10

Winter History: Low Snow And Late Starts

See my research based on Baltimore data since 1883.



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