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September 13 Storm Reports Cooler Air Moving In And Pushing Hurricane Lee

storm recap
Maryland Weather
climate data
National Hurricane Center

September 13, 2023

Wednesday Morning Update

Strong storms overnight overachieved in central Maryland. The bulk of this event was in metro Baltimore and up to the Northeast, which was south of the posted Flood Watch. The heaviest rain did fall in Baltimore City with a storm that also prompted a tornado Warning overnight.

As a result, there was local flooding and many downed trees this morning, which has resulted in power outages as well.

First, we will recap this storm, then our local weather. It is this new cool air mass that will push Hurricane Lee off the coast, but it still may make landfall in Eastern Maine this weekend.


Doppler Radar Recap 10 PM Tue to 12:30 AM Wed

The heaviest storm was around midnight as expected in my last report.

This first view has higher resolution but may only cycle through once. You can refresh to repeat or see the loop below A glitch made that a little fuzzy.

September 13 Storm Radar Maryland


Doppler Radar Recap 10 PM Tue to 12:30 AM Wed

This is the same time frame looping but the glitch in my program made the resolution poor.

September 13 Storm Radar Overnight


Doppler Radar Rainfall Estimate

Here we see a widespread of 1 to over 2.5 inches where the slow-moving storms tracked.

Baltimore City shows over 2.5 inches and up to 4 inches in some spots.

September 13 Radar Rainfall Maryland


Storm Reports From NWS Spotters

Heavy Rain/Flooding and Wind Damage cluttered metro Baltimore.

September 13 Storm Reports Maryland

Morning Surface Weather

This front is finally moving the humidity and storms off the coast. Cooler air is flowing in, but we still may have a shower later today or this evening.

September 13 weather Wednesday Morning

Live Radar and Lightning Widget


Afternoon Temperatures

This will be our last warm and humid afternoon for a while.

September 13 weather forecast temperatures Wednesday afternoon

Radar Simulation Noon to 9 PM

If we get any showers they will more likely be this evening.

September 13 forecast radar



TODAY September 13

Sunrise at 6:46 AM

Sunset at 7:19 PM

Normal Low in Baltimore:  60ºF

Record 42ºF in 1958

Normal High in Baltimore: 81ºF

Record 97ºF 1952


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Temperature Forecast

Thursday Morning

Here comes the Autumn Chill!

September 13 weather forecast temperatures Thursday morning


Thursday Afternoon

Starting to get into cooler air.

September 13 weather forecast temperatures Thursday afternoon


Jet Stream Forecast: Wednesday Morning To Sunday Night

This shows the influence of our cool air mass helping steer Hurricane Lee.

September 13 forecast Jet Stream


Snapshot Saturday

September 13 forecast Jet Stream Saturday Lee Landfall


Snapshot Sunday

September 13 forecast Jet Stream Sunday

Hurricane Lee Satellite Loop

Holding at Category 3, Hurricane Lee has winds of 115 mph.  This is now showing signs of spreading out as it moves north, which will be followed by weakening.

  • Hurricane Force Winds reach 115 miles from the center.
  • Tropical Storm Force Winds reach 240 miles from the center.

September 13 Hurricane Lee Satellite Loop

National Hurricane Center Advisory

5 AM Update

  • LOCATION…25.7N 67.1W

A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for Bermuda.

September 13 Hurricane Lee Wednesday Morning


Forecast Track From The National Hurricane Center

We see the Major Hurricane Intensity holding for a few days… with a build back to Category 4. A close pass to Bermuda, still to the west.  It will weaken as it moves north.

I will have a detailed report this afternoon.

September 13 Hurricane Lee Forecast Track


7 Day Forecast

This new cool air mass and reinforcement will keep us cool with a brief bump back to near or above average. The next 7 days look free of storms.

We may have higher winds on Friday indirectly connected to the air being pulled into Lee… Not Lee itself.

September 13 weather forecast 7 day Wednesday



2023 Hurricane Season Forecast With An El Niño Watch


EARLIER IN AUGUST: Maryland Trek 10 For These Kids

I will have a follow-up and recap on our amazing week shortly.

Maryland Trek 10 Kids


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