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Flood Watch Overnight For More Slow Moving Rain And Thunderstorms

Maryland Weather

Tuesday Night Update

One popular weather motto many of us meteorologists learn in school is ‘the trend is your friend’. This is part of the premise for my Atmospheric Memory Theory that expands this further out in time.

If we consider the thunderstorms we had over the weekend, this final push of the cold front may close out this pattern in a similar way. A line of rain and thunderstorms is expected to develop tonight. This will move slowly or nearly stall around central Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania.

The main risk overnight is for heavy rain where storm cells may repeat over some areas for a few hours. As a result, some places may receive 1 to 3 inches of rainfall and result in flooding. This is what has prompted a Flood Watch for part of our region where the rain is plotted to be more potent.

Flood Watch

This has an expiration of varied times, but all Wednesday morning. This followed the progress of the line of rain and thunderstorms that will slowly move through overnight.

September 12 Flood Watch


A Watch may be issued for a broad area. This would be for higher POTENTIAL of severe storms. NOT A PROMISE

A Warning is issued for active storms in progress. These will be tracked for 45 minutes or so across counties and specific towns in the path.


Evening Weather Setup

The leftover warm and humid air is about to meet up with and get pushed out by this next cold front. A wave of Low Pressure along this front is the reason we expect there to be enhanced thunderstorms overnight. The model below reflects the Flood Watch region where the bulk of the storms are expected. However, watch the Live radar below and you may see more real activity compared to the underperforming model simulation.


Live Interactive Radar and Lightning



HRRR Model Simulation

I want to reinforce that short-range models have consistently underperformed all summer. So the forecast maps I show below are a suggestion. It is very possible there is more storm coverage into central Maryland than shown here.

Forecast Rainfall Total By Daybreak

The pulsing of storms is why this map looks speckled. The simulation loop below will show the bulk of the storm cluster from I-70 in Central Maryland to Southern PA.

September 12 Rainfall forecast


10 PM to 8 AM

This is still underperforming, but still a guide for the formation. I expect more than shown here.

September 12 storm radar night



Atmospheric Memory: The trend over the weekend was slow-moving storms, with some training over the same areas. That is what led to some getting clobbered and others missing out. Here we see the line slow down over central Maryland with a focus of heavy storms for a few hours North and Northeast of Baltimore. This fits with the counties in the Watch shown above.


Snapshot at 10 PM

Suggestion for location and coverage may be an hour behind. This may compare better to the 9 PM radar.

September 12 storm radar forecast 10 PM


Snapshot at Midnight

Suggestion: This storm cluster will enhance and expand. This product may undersell what happens, but the bulk is still expected to be along I-70 in Maryland and northward.

September 12 storm radar forecast midnight

Snapshot at 1 AM

Suggestion: After midnight for an hour or two, thunder may be booming around metro Baltimore to York PA.

September 12 storm radar forecast 1 AM


Snapshot at 2 AM

Suggestion:  The heaviest part of the storm may be passing through Harford and Cecil Counties in Maryland to Lancaster PA.

September 12 storm radar forecast 2 AM


3 AM

Suggestion: This storm cell may truly blossom as it passes northern Delaware and metro Philadelphia.

September 12 storm radar forecast 3 AM


Looking Ahead

This is the front that will help keep Hurricane Lee well off the coast (for the Mid-Atlantic) and usher in a Fall Feel to the air for a few days.

GFS Model Surface Weather

Tonight Through Saturday Morning

We can see this line of rain move off the coast and watch Hurricane Lee on the right side keep true (Due North) to pass us.

September 12 forecast rain Hurricane Lee

Jet Stream

Tonight Through Saturday Morning

As the trough swings through (blue) with a cooler air mass, the tight circulation of Hurricane Lee gets steered to the north and increases forward speed.

September 12 jet stream Hurricane Lee


Snapshot Thursday Morning

September 12 jet stream Hurricane Lee Thursday

Temperatures Thursday Morning

Noticeably chilly air settles in with 40s in the mountains and 50s for most areas west of I-95. While the lower 60s hold in urban and Bay areas, even cooler temps will arrive Friday morning.

September 12 weather temperatures Thursday morning


Looking Ahead

7 Day Forecast

September 12 weather forecast 7 Day Tuesday



2023 Hurricane Season Forecast With An El Niño Watch


EARLIER IN AUGUST: Maryland Trek 10 For These Kids

I will have a follow-up and recap on our amazing week shortly.

Maryland Trek 10 Kids


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