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Nor’easter Update: Wind And Snow Showers To Maryland Plus Regional NWS Snow Total Maps

snow forecast
Maryland Weather
National Weather Service
Winter Weather

March 13 2023

Monday Night Update

A major winter storm is just starting to form off the East Coast and it will be a multi-day event.  The heaviest snow will fall inland with some areas possibly getting over 2 feet.  I DO NOT envy the forecasters between New York and Boston with a very complicated transition from rain to snow very close to the urban centers.

Here in The Mid Atlantic region, we have a Wind Advisory in place and will get some snow showers reaching into Northern Maryland by morning. In addition to showing that, I wanted to share the snow forecasts to our north because it will affect where I grew up.  There will be a large contrast between New York City and The Hudson Valley. Heavy snow in Central New York between Cornell (Ithaca), where I went to school, plus my first two TV jobs were in Syracuse and Binghamton. The big winner may be the Catskill Mountains and central Massachusetts. Let’s take a look.

Monday Evening Surface Weather

March 13 weather NoreasterMonday Night



In any winter this would be a challenging forecast. With the poor computer model performance this season, it brings big BUST potential for snow totals. This could go either way, much higher or lower.

The reason why is the expectation for this Nor’easter storm to ‘close off’ from the jet stream and retrograde. That is why the movement turns to the West instead of East. Trying to time when and where the storm makes the turn, then how far West or Southwest it may reach is the breaking point.

The big cities of New York to Boston will start as rain, then expecting to finish as heavy snow.  ‘Expecting’! Inland areas that remain all snow will exceed 12 inches, and have the potential to get over 2 Feet of snow with blizzard conditions. That means more than 1 inch of snow per hour for 3 or more hours, plus 35 mph winds. Yes, this will be the strongest east coast winter storm this season….


Tuesday Morning

Surface Forecast

March 13 weather Tuesday morning map GFS


Jet Stream:

The Upper Level Low is forecast to pass north of Baltimore, near Harrisburg at daybreak. This will help bring in the cold air aloft and carry snow showers into Maryland.

The evening surface weather does look like this may be passing a little farther south. If so, more snow showers could reach metro Baltimore.

March 13 weather jet stream Tuesday


Local Look

Radar Simulation Midnight to 8 AM

March 13 snow storm radar Tuesday morning


Tuesday Morning Snapshot

Often the snow showers that show up on this product under represent. So there may be more widespread snow showers… Most likely in northern Maryland near and NORTH of Baltimore. This includes Frederick, Carroll, Baltimore, Harford, and Cecil Counties.

If that Upper Low does pass farther south, we could see more snow showers across central Maryland.

March 13 weather snow Tuesday morning



The freeze will reach into central Maryland, while Teens will truly have a winter grip in the far western Maryland mountains.

March 13 weather temperatures Tuesday morning


Wind Advisory Tuesday

Click the map to see more

March 13 Wind Advisory Tuesday



The Big Snowfall Forecast


This brings the bullseye of 34.8″ north of Springfield, MA.  The complication is the sharp drop along the coast which may include I-95 along metro New York and southern New England.

March 13 weather snow forecast ECMWF


GFS Model

This has a lower bullseye, but spreads the high snow zone farther west and south…

March 13 weather snow forecast GFS



Snow Forecast Maps: National Weather Service Regions


The big winners will be in the Poconos.

March 13 snow forecast National Weather Service Pennsylvania


Central New York

This is my old region from school to work (Cornell/Ithaca), Syracuse, and Binghamton.

The range here will be 6″to 18”+. There are many mountains that will help in the wide range of conditions.

March 13 snow forecast National Weather Service New York Binghamton Syracuse


Albany/Catskills/Hudson Valley

The big winner could be around Hunter Mountain where 25 to 30 inches of snow may fall.

March 13 snow forecast National Weather Service New York Albany Catskills


NWS Boston – Massachusetts and Southern New England

This is where there is BIG BUST potential. Inland areas likely to push over 1 Foot, could get to 2 Feet.  However, the coastal and city areas will start with rain and are expected to end as snow. The timing of the change and duration will make or break snow totals.

March 13 snow forecast National Weather Service Massachusetts


Metro New York

This is where I grew up and there is a large contrast form the ocean to the mountains of the Hudson Valley north of NYC. This also has a BIG BUST potential depending on the transition time and duration. That will be determined by the retrograde of the Low Pressure and pull of cold air.

March 13 snow forecast National Weather Service New York


REPORT: March Snow and Extreme Weather History

March Snow Map NESIS 1993


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My REALISTIC Expectations for the COLD OUTLOOK

March 4 weather NOAA Outlook Temperatures Day 6 to 10

Winter History: Low Snow And Late Starts

See my research based on Baltimore data since 1883.



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