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06:20 AM

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08:02 PM

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10:16 AM

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Aug 19,2022

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July 5 Severe Storm Risk This Afternoon

climate data
Severe Weather

July 5 2022

Tuesday Morning Update 

We can be grateful for the beautiful weather we had yesterday, because today will feel more humid with developing storms.  A storm complex moving out of the Great Lakes will arrive during the peak afternoon will allow it to reach top potential when crossing central Maryland. This brings the potential for destructive weather.

NOAA Severe Storm Risk

The Slight Risk for Severe Storms means about 15% chance of any storm turning severe. That could bring damming winds over 58 mph, large hail over 1” diameter, and even an isolated tornado.

Any storm can bring dangerous lighting and flash flooding. 



Morning Surface Weather


Satellite Loop 4 AM to 6 AM

Here we can see the complex crossing Lower Michigan, which will then dive southeast in our direction later today. 



Afternoon Temperatures at 3 PM

I picked this snapshot to show the contrast of 90s in metro areas to 70s just inland cooled from the storms.



Radar Simulation Snapshot at 4 PM

This particular HRRR Model suggest the peak complex reaching central Maryland and metro Baltimore.  I will again suggest a 1 hour buffer, so consider the region to be impacted between 3 PM and 5 PM.



Radar Simulaitons

Comparing two models, but this will likely play out between the two suggestions. 


HRRR Model 12 PM to 10 PM

This model focuses on one main cluster of storms mid afternoon. This behaves like a Meso-Low with potential for widespread severe storm behavior. Multiple warnings may possibly be issued.



NAM 3 Km Model 12 PM to 10 PM

This model shows more activity earlier in the afternoon, but less intense complex at the 4 PM time frame…



TODAY July 5th

Normal Low in Baltimore:  66ºF

Record 55ºF in 2014


Normal High in Baltimore: 89ºF

Record 102ºF 1999


Wednesday Temperatures 





Storm Simulation: Tuesday To Saturday 

We will get into the pattern of scattered showers and storms just about each day.  This does NOT promise you will get hit as many of these will be scattered showers, and like we saw over the weekend, those can dump on some areas while leave others out.




7 Day Forecast


Plan Your Kayaking Day Now


Hurricane Season Forecast: June 1 Through November 30

NOAA 2022 Hurricane Forecast- Above Normal Again



Forecast From Colorado State University

Atlantic Hurricane Forecast


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