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Storm Reports From Sunday May 22

storm recap
Severe Weather

May 23 2022

The cold front that moved through on Sunday May 22 ended our mini-heat wave and three days in the 90s. The eruption of storms in the afternoon overachieved the expectations from the morning model simulation. 

Two rounds of severe storms developed. The first produced widespread hail, the other an incredible light show and local flash flooding with rain up to 2 inches.

Here is a quick summary.

Storm Reports



Close Up Map

This shows Hail almost to 1 inch near New Market in Frederick County.

Winds gusted to 68 mph west of Washington DC.

Flooding included Baltimore City, Washington DC, and northern Calvert County.

Wind Damage reports were widespread, even to the beach near Rehoboth, DE.


Report List (Maryland)


Rainfall Total

Compare The Radar Summary To Simulation 

Many metro areas received over 1 inch of rain.

Over 2 inches near Mt. Airy and Damascus, Laurel, and Chesapeake Beach along the AACo and Calvert Co border.


Radar (and Satellite) Summary

4:30 PM to 9:30 PM


Radar Simulation

This was in my report about the meeting and decision with Johns Hopkins University to postpone commencement.



As we can see, the timing was off a little, and the storm development was more widespread that the short range forecast.  We made the correct anticipation.

For the next storm event we need to consider that it could be more active than short range forecasts show.


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