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June 20 Weather Record Low Temperature This Morning Then More Rain Mid Week

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Record Weather

June 20 2022

Monday Morning Update 

Do you remember the record high temperature on Friday? Baltimore’s BWI tied the mark of 96ºF set in 1939. Well, this morning BWI dropped to 52ºF, tying the mark set in 2005. Not as long standing, but once again resetting the clock.  

There have been quite a few times spanning the record books when we get extreme high and low temps within a few days of each other.

Low Temperatures Monday Morning

Record Low: 52ºF at Baltimore’s BWI also set in 2005


Today is the Juneteenth Federal Holiday and the weather will feel more seasonable for us.  There will be more clouds, especially on our west side, which is a hint of what is on the way… 

Yesterday I mentioned the mid week heat wave was in question. It now appears very likely that the heat dome will remain to our west while we get in on rain, storms, and a maritime patter into the second half of the week. 


Morning Surface Weather

We can see a band of rain from the Great Lakes reaching the mountains of western Maryland. 

Metro areas are on the edge of the high clouds, while the beaches area safely dry (for now).

This banding of rain is something to watch for as the next wave should shift over metro areas on Wednesday when we get our pattern change.



Afternoon Temperatures 

More seasonal 


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TODAY June 20th (Juneteenth Federal Holiday)

Normal Low in Baltimore:  63ºF

*Record 52ºF in 2005 (Tied This Morning)


Normal High in Baltimore: 85ºF

Record 100ºF 1931


The Summer Solstice is at 5:31 AM on Tuesday June 21




Tuesday – Temperatures 









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Looking Ahead: Tuesday to Thursday 

The question has been answered…

The GFS Model I mentioned in yesterday’s report was on to something. The heat dome will remain in the southern and central US, and WILL NOT REACH US.  

We will watch another cluster of rain and storms on Wednesday, then a Maritime Air Mass will move westward and reach us. The result will increase our humidity and daily storms. In that patter, temperatures will be more stable in a smaller range… but also feel muggy.

Tuesday Afternoon Snapshots

High Temperatures


Surface Weather Forecast

GFS Model: Tuesday Afternoon to Thursday Afternoon


7 Day Forecast

Based on the evidence and trend, that heat wave will not reach us. Rather, the maritime air mass will push our way and enhance the chance of daily thunderstorms.  That pattern is uniform, meaning similar temps expected each day. However the daily storm locations and timing may vary. 



Hurricane Season Forecast: June 1 Through November 30

NOAA 2022 Hurricane Forecast- Above Normal Again



Forecast From Colorado State University

Atlantic Hurricane Forecast


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