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Sun Rise

07:03 AM

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04:45 PM

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09:42 Hours


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07:00 PM

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01:12 PM

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Dec 04,2021

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Current Conditions

October 30 Weather Lingering Effects Old Storm


Saturday October 30

Looking at the weather map, that old storm is still a dominant feature. But the lingering effects will gradually diminish through the weekend. Then we look ahead to big changes next week.

Morning Surface Weather

The original occluded storm is centered in Ohio. It appears the weather is might be a College Football fan, where the big game tonight between Penn State and Ohio State will be played.  Any showers there will be minimal with all the action wrapping around the center.

The portion of the storm complex that effected our region is moving north, and taking the bulk of the rain with it.

Showers will linger in the mountains, while clouds remain in place for the rest of us.  Some rain will try to return later today and tonight, briefly.



Radar Simulation

Showers last in the mountains today. Locally,  they wil try to develop by evening and overnight.



Bay Water Flooding

A Flood Advisory remains in place for shorelines and tributaries around the Chesapeake Bay. Some areas have hit record flood levels, while most are still in moderate to major flood stage. See more in this report focused on Water Levels. Also click the images to go to that report.



Wind Forecast Animation

Winds will remain light but from the south today, when they shift to the west on Sunday, that may help break up the clouds… and improve conditions for Halloween Trick or Treating. 



Weather Almanac: Climate Data

TODAY October 30

Normal Low in Baltimore:  42ºF

Record 26ºF in 1965

*Record Snowfall for the month in Baltimore: 2.4” in 1925


Normal High in Baltimore: 62ºF

Record 83º F 2016


Cloud Forecast Animation

Saturday through Monday 

Clouds may try to break up a little on Sunday, with clearing by Sunday night and Monday





Temperature Forecast 

This Afternoon 










7 Day Forecast

Quick moving systems next week will reinforce colder air.  The event on Thursday has some models bringing snow to the nearby mountains. 

FITF – While this is exciting, I will hold off until the end of the weekend to gather more data before jumping on this.





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