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Tracking High Water For High Tides Through Saturday

Maryland Weather

Friday October 29

The storm is not completely done. The bulk of the rain has moved through, but there will be some lingering showers overnight. More importantly,  the focus remains on the high water in the Chesapeake Bay.

I wanted to share some flooding that has already occurred, and also the forecast through Saturday. This includes select locations for high water and High/Low Tides.

While the storm did underperform with wind gusts, it has lived up to flooding potential already. The high tide overnight is expected to produce the highest water levels, but the forecasts below are lowered a little from earlier.


Flooding View

The high water on Friday was substantial. In Southern Maryland it destroyed these docks in California, by Solomons Island.



Storm View: Friday Evening

The wind and water flow has prevented waster from draining out of the Bay. The winds are lighter now, but will still keep water levels up through Saturday.




The Wind Advisory has been dropped, and it seems the gusts remained below potential for most of the region. The fast winds remained aloft, but did not completely reach the surface. 

However, the wind flow has shifted to the South. That keeps the pressure on the Chesapeake Bay. The storm already did not allow the low tide to drain out, and we have at least one more complete tide cycle that will push higher water into already flooded areas. 



Flood Advisories and Warnings





Central Maryland Flooding 

Here is a collection of flood video and photos from the afternoon.



High Water Forecast: 11 PM Friday

Click to image to see the full animation 

High Water Forecasts

Select Locations Shown here:

Baltimore: Water Levels Expected to reach 5.75 Ft above normal.


Annapolis: Water Levels Expected to reach 5.6 Ft above normal.



Cambridge: Water Levels Expected to reach 5.75 Ft above normal.



Solomons: Water Levels Expected to reach 5.75 Ft above normal.



Flooding  in Southern Maryland




You can search for many other spot forecasts here:

Operational Bay Forecasts

Click to see water forecast levels, winds, and tides for dozens of locations


High Tide and Low Tide Tables

West Side Chesapeake Bay

Havre de Grace


  • High   5:26 AM
  • Low   1:03 PM
  • High   5:59 PM  

Bowley Bar, Middle River


  • High   3:04 AM
  • Low  10:19 AM 
  • High   3:37 PM
  • Low   9:27 PM

Baltimore, Fort McHenry


  • High   2:13 AM 
  • Low   9:36 AM
  • High   2:46 PM
  • Low   8:44 PM

Annapolis, US Naval Academy


  • High  12:43 AM
  • Low   7:52 AM
  • High   1:16 PM
  • Low   7:00 PM

Chesapeake Beach 


High  11:26 PM


  • Low   6:31 AM 
  • High  11:59 AM
  • Low   5:39 PM  

Solomons Island, Patuxent River


  • High   9:35 PM 


  • Low   4:50 AM 
  • High  10:08 AM
  • Low   3:58 PM
  • High  10:29 PM 



East Side Chesapeake Bay

Charlestown, Northeast River


  • High 6:05 AM
  • Low   1:39 PM  
  • High   6:38 PM

Metapeake, Kent Island


  • High  12:43 AM
  • Low   7:47 AM 
  • High   1:16 PM
  • Low   6:55 PM

Choptank River – Cambridge


  • High  11:31 PM 


  • Low   7:08 AM
  • High  12:04 PM
  • Low   6:16 PM 

Wicomico Rivier, Salisbury


  • High  10:35 PM


  • Low   5:11 AM
  • High  11:14 AM
  • Low   5:20 PM
  • High  11:35 PM

Atlantic Coast

Ocean City Fishing Pier


  • High   3:14 AM
  • Low   9:14 AM
  • High   3:42 PM
  • Low  10:06 PM


Search For More Tide Charts

 Maryland Tide Tables



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