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October 26 Wind Advisory With Nor’easter Forming Off Coast


Tuesday October 26

Heavy rain and strong winds erupted yesterday, and enhanced as to moved into Northeastern Maryland. Widespread wind damage reports between Baltimore, Harford, and Cecil Counties.

Wind Advisory issued today in Maryland. It may/should expand into PA/DE.

Today, the strongest winds will develop during the afternoon as a Nor’easter develops off of the coast.  Most of the rain will be in New England, but a few showers may pass by, and temps get cooler during the afternoon. 

Our next storm will arrive Friday. 


What to wear?

Jacket: A few rain showers, stronger winds make the afternoon cooler.


Wind Damage Reports: From Monday


Wind Advisory Today

All counties west of the Chesapeake Bay through Maryland. Northern Virginia, and West Virginia.

That is a Gale Warning on the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays.  Stay alert to wind restrictions on bridges and ‘advisories’ to be expanded to the counties north and east.



Wind Forecast

This product is showing the steady winds, but gusts will reach 40 to 50 mph.  Considering the even spread, nearby NWS offices may expand the Wind Advisory to their regions in southern PA , Delmarva, and NJ.




Temperature Forecast: 7 AM to 5 PM

I wanted to show this animation to highlight the fall of temps into the 50s during the afternoon 



Satellite Loop

A classic comma shape is forming off of the coast with the developing Nor’easter.





Morning Surface Weather

A lot of energy in the atmosphere will be combining forces to develop a Nor’easter. That will be the reason for the increased winds.




Weather Almanac: Climate Data

TODAY October 26

Normal Low in Baltimore:  42ºF

Record 27ºF in 1952

Normal High in Baltimore: 64ºF

Record 81º F 1978


Also See:

NOAA Winter Outlook- But Read The Fine Print

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Winter Outlook Series: La Nina Double Dip

Nor’easters May Give Hint For Winter La Nina Pattern



Forecast Animation: Wednesday Morning to Friday Afternoon

As the first storm departs, the next one cross the nation with another severe outbreak in the southern Plains. That will reach us with heavy rain on Friday. 





7 Day Forecast

Finally, this looks seasonal in the 60s. The impacts of the first storm linger into Wednesday. The next storm will arrive Friday and linger with cool winds and showers over the weekend. 


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