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East Coast Snow Storm Could Still Hold Big Surprises And Busted Forecasts

snow forecast
Coastal Storm
Storm Forecast
Maryland Weather
Winter Weather

March 12 2023

Sunday Evening Update

The largest winter storm of the season for the east coast is about to develop. It is fascinating that this is on the 30th Anniversary of the Superstorm of 1993, but much more complicated. There is a parking lot in the northern Atlantic Ocean that will help this storm organize and get stuck. In fact, the double-barrel Low may do something rare that could push it back west and south.

This storm has the potential to BUST a lot of forecasts across the Northeast. Please note, that could go either lower or higher on the snowfall.

This is NOT a promise, but a concern that our region will be on the edge and could still have some impact. Tuesday may bring the back edge of the storm into metro Philadelphia, and on the maps below we see that Maryland may want to keep watching between northern Baltimore, Harford, and Cecil Counties.

Sunday Evening Set Up

The light snow and rain mix we have seen today is part of the formation of a new coastal Low.

Atlantic Ocean Traffic Jam

  • The storm from last week is nearly parked East of Bermuda.
  • New England to the North Atlantic has strong High Pressure and the remnant Blocking from the -NAO.

Great Lakes

  • The upper level energy AND cold air to enhance the snow part of this storm.

Southeast US

  • A line of severe storms across Northern Florida signals the energy that will feed into the NEW Storm forming between North Carolina and Virginia.

New Storm Notes

  • Forming: The Coastal Low will develop Monday
  • Stalling: This Low is expected to reach near Boston Tuesday
  • Retrograding: This Low may close off from the Jet Stream and move backwards to the West or Southwest.
  • Fujiwara: There is a possibility of Two Lows Pivoting around each other. That is a wild card and still a retrograde.


March 12 weather Sunday night winter storm


Jet Stream Animation:

8 AM Mon to 8 AM Wed

Upper Level Energy will be digging a Deep Trough (blue) across the Eastern US. The center (green) appears to possibly close off from the Jet Stream, which is why it may stall or retrograde the Low near Boston.

March 12 weather jet stream winter storm


Let’s Explore This Storm

Radar Simulation

8 PM SUN to 8 AM Mon – NAM 3 Km

March 12 weather radar snow Sunday night


8 AM Monday Snapshots

Radar Simulation

Light precipitation develops overnight to morning. There will be split on the edge of the light snow to the north and steady rain to the south.

March 12 weather radar simulation Monday morning


The freezing temperatures will be confined to the mountains. So even if there is a mix of snow and rain on the north side, there will not be any impact on the roads.

March 12 weather temperatures Monday morning


Mid Atlantic Plot – ECMWF Model

Low Pressure will be forming along the North Carolina Coast.

Rain may be steady and heavy in southern Maryland closer to the storm center.

Again: If there is a mix in the local northern suburbs, it will fall in temps above freezing.

March 12 weather snow simulation Monday morning Mid Atlantc


Northeast Plot – ECMWF

I just wanted to shift the view to this perspective. Now we can see the development of this complicated storm better.

March 12 weather snow simulation Monday morning Northeast

Storm Animation


Low Pressure: Watch the wide turn in the Atlantic, then pull back near Boston. This is in response to the Upper Level closed Low and deep trough.

This storm nearly stalling or retrograding Further back to the West is the big BUST potential.

March 12 winter storm snow forecast


Tuesday Night Snapshot

That 974 mb Low is equivalent to a Category 1 Hurricane. It will be a true wind machine and heavy snow maker.

Steady, heavy snow is likely between Boston and New York, with blizzard conditions!

The back edge of the snow may try to pull back to Northeastern Maryland. Under normal circumstances we do not expect to get much snow from ‘backlash’ precipitation. This is not a favored region for it. However, a retrograding Low is a different story. So any more push west could bring a big change for a lot of people.

March 12 winter storm snow Tuesday

Local Radar Simulation

8 AM Mon to 12 PM Tue

Yes, at first glance it looks like this storm may be a miss for our region. Then watch that band of snow attempt to drop south/southwest.

March 12 weather radar storm Tuesday


12 PM TUE Snapshot

If this verifies, it could bring some snow to Maryland’s northern Baltimore, Harford, and Cecil Counties. In Pennsylvania we could see York, Lancaster, to Philadelphia in the discussion.

March 12 weather snow radar Tuesday


Snow Forecast

I am only showing the ECMWF Model, but there is a wide range of solutions.

The retrograde on Tuesday will make or break the snow totals for this event. It could sit and stall, it may end up farther west to bring more into the snow zone.

March 12 weather snow storm forecast


Take Away:

Some areas will get over 2 feet of snow from this storm, but the edges are the worry. We are on the edge and currently that DOES NOT include all of Maryland. However, it is worth keeping a close eye on any developments that could bring us more into the fold.


REPORT: March Snow and Extreme Weather History

March Snow and Extreme Weather History

March Snow Map NESIS 1958


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