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December 8 Fog Limited More Sun And Maybe Flurries Saturday

Maryland Weather
climate data

December 8 2022

Thursday Morning Update 

The good news is that we are starting to shake things up and get out of this rut. There are some areas of  fog this morning, but it is patchy and NOT widespread.  This will lead the way to breaks of sun today and Friday. 

Remember that chance of snow I kept referring to? It looks like that event will be trying and dying. I’ll show the push into Saturday morning now and reduced it to just flurries. We still may see some flakes, but not much more than ambience. 

Remember that pattern shift to winter? It will try next week. Comparing the Euro to the GFS we can see it, but one brings it in sooner.


  • Today: Fog is patchy this morning, Some breaks of sun today.
  • Tomorrow: More sun
  • Saturday: Morning flurries possible


Morning Visibility

Areas of fog around Frederick and very thick fog around the Chesapeake Bay south of the Bay Bridge.

December 8 weather visibility Thursday morning


Morning Temperatures

December 8 weather temperature Thursday morning


Morning Surface Weather

This may look a little busy as I’ve added extra numbers. These are temperature reports, which show our mild air.  We can also see the cold air in the northern plains, where single digits and below zero numbers are showing up.  

That source of cold air is expected to help trigger a severe weather outbreak next week as it attempts to drop south.  

The extreme outlook will eventually bring some of that cold our way… The challenge now is determining when.

December 8 weather Thursday morning



Afternoon Temperatures 

We should get some breaks of sunshine.. 

December 8 weather temperatures Thursday afternoon


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TODAY December 8

Normal Low in Baltimore:  31ºF

Record 10ºF in 1882

SNOW: 4.1 inches in 1989

Normal High in Baltimore: 50ºF

Record 74ºF 1980


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Friday Temperatures 


December 8 weather temperatures Friday afternoon



WE should end up mostly sunny, but there will be a mix with high clouds.


Looking Ahead

ECMWF Model: Friday Afternoon to Monday Afternoon 

The energy swinging through will run into some dry air.  We still see an attempt for snow showers or flurries into parts of the area on Saturday morning. I’ve left in flurries for the morning, but ambient and not amounting to an issue. 

Rain showers may develop again on Sunday.

December 8 weather snow rain weekend


Jet Stream: Sunday Dec 11 to Saturday Dec 17

The European Model compared to the GFS Model. Both show that deep cold air dropping south and moving east.  

The drop south will contrast with warm air in the southern plains for a severe weather outbreak there next week. As for us getting in to the cold, the Euro brings it in much sooner.

European Model Simulation 

This brings in the core of cold air to the eastern US by the end of next week.

December 8 jet stream cold polar vortex ECMWF


GFS Model Simulation

This does bring in some, but not the core of the cold air to the eastern US over next weekend.

December 8 jet stream cold polar vortex GFS


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