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Rainbow Ice Cave In Mt. Rainier A Very Rare Find: Photos And Video

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August 31 2022

Just when you thought we have seen it all, something amazing pops up.  This rainbow ice cave is a rare find. It is seen here absolutely as it was photographed and not enhanced.

Mathew Nichols, the lucky photographer, happened to be in the right place at the right time to witness a spectacle very few have seen before.

This cave is marked by a layer of snow and ice above. The red colors were thanks to algae growing on the snow called watermelon snow. The blue and purple were from the ice crystals capturing refracted the red light.  Deeper in the cave, there was more blue. Dust particles also helped with the scattering and refracting of colors.

The spread of the colors were due to the varied thickness of the ice above acting as a roof.  It only lasts about 2 hours.

Mathew said, “This was by far one of the most magical things I have witnessed!”

Video Interview



Here is the video he posted to TikTok

@mnichols_photography Rainbow Ice caves 🌈 #pnw #rainbow #mtsthelens #mthood #mtrainier #mtadams #mountainlife #icecave #photography #newphotographer ♬ Possibility – Lykke Li



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