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August 15 Monday Morning Rain And Cooler Temps

Maryland Weather
climate data

August 15 2022

Monday Morning Update 

The pattern has changed and our nearly perfect weather from the weekend is gone.  However, what we have in place is not well organized. There is a band of rain this morning. By this afternoon, the region will be split with a range of weather conditions I hope to explain for you below.

Morning Surface Weather

To our West: A Weak Disturbance. This has sent an impulse of rain across metro areas (Baltimore to York/Lancaster) this morning. 

To our East: High Pressure off the coast will increase the wind from the east. This will be more noticeable at the beaches through this afternoon. 



Morning Temperatures

We see a range from the mid 50s in the mountains of western Maryland to near 70ºF across the southern Chesapeake Bay. Most of us are starting in the 60s.


Morning Radar Snapshot

The cluster of rain is mainly along and north of I-70. This means Howard County to Baltimore City and all points in Maryland north through southern PA.

It is a wet start to the day for York and Lancaster PA. This band of rain should last through 7 AM in Baltimore and 8 AM in many other areas to the north.

Gradual improvement from West to East.




Radar Simulation

NAM 3 Km 8 AM to 8 PM

Once again, this product is far from perfect, and we often get more activity than shown. I am posting this for the trend of more showers west and clearing to the east.

radar rain simulation Monday  

Afternoon Temperatures 

These temps show 70s or cooler with the clouds and showers west.

Notice that while we show 79ºF for Baltimore, there is a drop off to the lower 70s for Westminster to Frederick, with 60s on the other side of the mountains from Boonsboro to Hagerstown and McHenry.

In order to reach 80ºF near the Bay by Annapolis and Easton, will depend on whether the sun pops out.



TODAY August 15

Normal Low in Baltimore:  66ºF

Record 49ºF in 1964

Normal High in Baltimore: 87ºF

Record 103ºF 1988


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Tuesday Temperatures 




The push of 80ºF will be in metro areas, while 70s are more likely inland and across Delmarva.


Cloud Forecast

Less cloud cover, but that easterly wind from the Atlantic should help to hold temps down.

cloud forecast Tuesday Maryland and Pennsylvania


7 Day Forecast

Slowly moderating temperatures still remain near or below average through the end of the week. The next active weather system is expected at the end of the weekend.


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