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05:54 AM

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08:31 PM

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14:37 Hours


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04:25 PM

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01:21 AM

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Jul 21,2024

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November 9 Another Warm Day Abrupt Change For The Weekend


Tuesday November 9

Yesterday the temperatures surged higher than expected. We hit 72ºF in Baltimore, and it could happen again today. So planning what to wear would be best to compare to what we just had… A chilly morning and warm afternoon. 

The days are short, and the high will occur around 2 PM.

Standard Time Sunset

The reality of the time change will be more evident with our weekday routines. Reminder that you can see the sunrise and sunset times, along with other daily data in the tab on the right —> 


Trivia: The record Low Temperature of 24ºF was set on this date two years ago. —>


Morning Surface Weather

We remain protected under a long ridge of High Pressure. That cold front to our west will arrive by Thursday night and Friday. That is when we get into the rain, and much cooler air on the other side. 


Morning Temperatures



Afternoon Temperatures 



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Weather Almanac: Climate Data

TODAY November 9

Normal Low in Baltimore:  38ºF

Record 24ºF in 2019


Normal High in Baltimore: 59ºF

Record 78ºF 1994



End Of Week Rain

Showers may arrive Thursday night, but definitely will be with us on Friday.  This will mark the cold front and shift to lower temps over the weekend. 

Rain showers pop Saturday, and again Monday.  

The mountains of western Maryland and larger regional ski areas should pick up some accumulating snow. 



Jet Stream:

Wednesday Evening through Sunday Evening




Wednesday Temps







7 Day Forecast




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