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Dew Point
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Feels Like


Wind (N)


Air Pressure


Sun Rise

07:02 AM

Sun Set

06:50 PM

Day Length

11:48 Hours


2 min 33 sec loss

Moon Rise

08:08 PM

Moon Set

09:35 AM

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Oct 06,2023

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Waning Gibbous

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November 8 Warming Up This Week


Monday November 8

We are set up for a quiet week of weather, allowing us to warm up for a few days.  This morning is chilly, but the afternoon will be pleasant. WE can expect that to repeat for a few more days.

A big pattern change is setting up by the end of the week. Rain will arrive Friday, and the weekend will be much cooler. We could get into some pre-winter conditions next week. 

Standard Time Sunset

The reality of the time change will be more evident with our weekday routines. Reminder that you can see the sunrise and sunset times, along with other daily data in the tab on the right



Morning Surface Weather

A storm is moving off of the coast and not much else in sight for a few days. The sky will be clear and the temps will jump… just remember the afternoon is shorter.


Morning Temperatures




Afternoon Temperatures 



Weather Almanac: Climate Data

TODAY November 8

Normal Low in Baltimore:  39ºF

Record 24ºF in 1960


Normal High in Baltimore: 59ºF

Record 80ºF 1975



Jet Stream:

Tuesday through Monday

Warm Week Then Much Colder Next Weekend

A ridge aloft keeps the mild/warm air in place through Thursday. The change will arrive with rain on Friday, then get reinforcements fro early next week.


November-8-weather-jet stream-forecast



End Of Week Rain

Thursday through Sunday

A large storm will push through the Northern Plains, but we will get the cold front on Friday with periods of rain. Then we get into the colder air over the weekend. 




Tuesday Temps





7 Day Forecast




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