Conditions: Baltimore, Maryland, 07/07/2022 12:50:03 am


Cloudy with Light Rain


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Sun Rise

05:47 AM

Sun Set

08:35 PM

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14:48 Hours


0 min 53 sec loss

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01:59 PM

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12:58 AM

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Jul 13,2022

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First Quarter

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Current Conditions

Frost Advisory Baltimore To Southern Maryland And Across Delmarva Thursday Morning

Frost and Freeze

Wednesday Afternoon November 3

The cold air in place will impact more areas tonight as the air mass is reaching the coast. 

A Frost Advisory has been issued for Central and Southern Maryland between The Baltimore Beltway and St. Mary’s.

The Frost Advisory has also been expanded across all of Delmarva for Thursday morning. This includes all Maryland Counties east of the Chesapeake Bay and all of Delaware.

A Freeze Warning is in place for most of Southern New Jersey, with the exception of Cape May County. Local inland areas already had a crop killing freeze this morning, so there is no need for another alert of this kind there. 

What to do?

It’s time to bring in your sensitive plants and disconnect garden hoses. 


Freeze Warning and Frost Advisory




Afternoon Satellite Loop

1:30 PM to 3:30 PM

The spotty white are fair weather cumulus that form in the afternoon sun. They will fade to a mostly clear sky by this evening. 

In the lower left you can see a fuzzy blurry white. Those are high thin cirrus clouds, and these may limit how cold it can get tonight.





Falling Temperatures:

4 PM to 8 AM Thursday

With nightfall and the clearing sky, we can see the temps dropping into the 30s.




Thursday Morning Lows


Thursday  Afternoon



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