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Current Conditions

November 1 Chilly Week With First Freeze Watch Issued (may expand)


Monday November 1

As we turn the page to a new month, the weather seems to be on track with turning cooler. To get you in the mood, a weather system on Tuesday will bring a chilly band of rain showers. However, in thee mountains of western Maryland and West Virginia the first snow of the season might be enough to coat the ground. 

What will follow will be an air mass that should bring inland areas (away from the cities and Bay) into the 30s. Computer model guidance is suggesting the first freeze might be as close as Carroll and western Howard Counties. 

First Freeze Watch

This has been issued for Wednesday morning. I’ve indicated where I expect there will be an expansion of either the Freeze or Frost Advisories.


Morning Surface Weather

A cold front is on your doorstep. But it’s the cluster of rain and first snow entering the Central Plains States that will be heading our way tomorrow to really enforce the colder air.

Morning Temperatures 


Afternoon Forecast


Weather Almanac: Climate Data

TODAY November 1

Normal Low in Baltimore:  40ºF

Record 29ºF in 1954


Normal High in Baltimore: 62ºF

Record 86º F 1950










Rain and Mountain Snow

This will bring in rain showers, with a band of snow in the mountains that should include Garrett County to Snowshoe.


Snow Forecast


About The Freeze or Frost

Both Wednesday and Thursday mornings show temperatures in the mid to lower 30s just inland from the cities.

This is why I expect there will be an expanded area for Freeze or Frost Advisorie.

What’s the difference? A Freeze is when temps drop below 32ºF, while Frost is when temps can be as high as 39ºF but ice crystals form on the surface of plants (car tops, etc).





7 Day Forecast

Quick moving systems next week will reinforce colder air.  The event on Tuesday has some models bringing snow to the nearby mountains. 

Both Wednesday and Thursday mornings will bring frost and freeze conditions inland. 





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