Current Conditions: Baltimore, Maryland, 12/06/2021 10:30:02 pm


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Dew Point
Relative Humidity


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Wind (WNW)


Air Pressure


Sun Rise

07:12 AM

Sun Set

04:43 PM

Day Length

09:31 Hours


0 min 57 sec loss

Moon Rise

09:56 AM

Moon Set

07:12 PM

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Dec 10,2021

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Waxing Crescent

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Current Conditions

October 22 Cooler Today Then Chilly With Rain Next Week


Friday October 22

Yesterday Baltimore hit 78ºF. We will not see that again (outside) for a long time. 

A cold front is crossing the region this morning, shifting our winds and bringing in the pattern change.  This is where we finally transition to full autumn mode with cooler air, some frosty mornings, and a few storms.  

Warm days are still possible, but they will be few and far between.

Morning Surface Weather

This is not a strong cold front, but it does have some clouds this morning. The winds are not necessarily strong either, but will come from a cooler direction and may gust to 15 mph at times. 


Morning Temperatures

These readings may seem like previous mornings. However, they will not be moving much during the day. 



Afternoon Temperatures 

These numbers will be close to seasonal averages for this date.



Weather Almanac: Climate Data

TODAY October 22

Normal Low in Baltimore:  44ºF

Record 31ºF in 1952


Normal High in Baltimore: 65ºF

Record 85º F 1979





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Looking Ahead

A series of very strong storms is moving off of the Pacific Ocean into the western US. The track of these systems will reach us next week. That will bring in a few rain events, along with cooler temps.




7 Day Forecast


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