Conditions: Baltimore, Maryland, 12/01/2023 03:30:04 pm


Cloudy with Light Rain


Dew Point
Relative Humidity


Feels Like


Wind (N)


Air Pressure


Sun Rise

07:06 AM

Sun Set

04:44 PM

Day Length

09:38 Hours


1 min 14 sec loss

Moon Rise

08:34 PM

Moon Set

11:09 AM

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Dec 05,2023

Moon Phase

Waning Gibbous

Average Low



Average High
Record Low




Record High

October 1 Sunny Sunday And Climate Highlights For The Month

Maryland Weather
climate data

October 1, 2023

Sunday Morning Update

Today is the day! If you have been stuck under the cloud cover you will join the rest of the region that has experienced a break into sunshine. This is the time of year when the lower temperatures at night can help to produce areas of thick morning fog, especially around the water of the Bay or reservoirs.

While the week ahead will be quiet, it may signal the trend of us having weather patterns that last almost a week at a time.

The change will come next weekend, when we may reach a long period of cool and unsettled weather. Such is Fall and eventually the cooler weather will win.

Morning Surface Weather

The remnant Low (ghost) of Ophelia is finally pulling away. Hopefully for good.

High Pressure is moving in and will have a grip on the Eastern US for most of the week ahead.

October 1 weather Sunday morning


Afternoon Temperatures 

Many areas will see sunshine and warm into the 70s. Near 80ºF around Baltimore parts of central Maryland.

October 1 weather temperatures Sunday afternoon

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TODAY October 1

Sunrise at 7:02 AM

Sunset at 6:50 PM

Normal Low in Baltimore:  53ºF

Record 36ºF in 1947

Normal High in Baltimore: 74ºF

Record 91ºF 1941



By October 31: Highs Average 63ºF; Lows Average 41ºF


Baltimore Temperature Extremes

Coldest 25ºF

Hottest 98ºF

Wettest 9.23” in 2005


Snow: On 9 Dates

Earliest Trace: October 9, 1903


Earliest Measured Snow:

0.3” October 10 in 1979


Additional Measured Snow

1.3” October 19-20 in 1940



2.4” October 30 in 1925


Full Moon: October 28 = Hunter’s Moon

New Reports:

Drought Report September 28

El Niño Advisory: First Look At NOAA’s Winter Outlook Expectations

Winter Outlook 2024 From Two Farmers Almanacs

Return to Cold and Snow


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If your area is prone to morning fog (by the bay, a reservoir, or a valley) you may see some to start the day. Then the sun will dominate and warm the afternoon up quickly.



October 1 weather temperatures Monday morning




October 1 weather temperatures Monday afternoon


Looking Ahead: NOAA Temperature Outlooks

This is the simplest way to look at the weather pattern ahead.

NOAA Temperature Outlook October

Jet Stream 



Our surge of warmer and second Summer is relative. Afternoon Temps will be in the lower to middle 80s.

October 1 weather jet stream Tuesday



October 1 weather jet stream Saturday


Animation: Sunday to Next Saturday

After we kick this trough off the coast, a ridge with High Pressure will build in a warmer air mass all week. The next modification will be noticeable next weekend. That is the pattern change that will truly make it feel like Autumn.

October 1 weather jet stream

Rain Forecast

Thursday Through Saturday

October 1 weather storm next weekend


7 Day Forecast

Today begins our taste of a second summer. Sunny afternoons will bring most areas into the mid-70s to near 80ºF.  Better chance for the lower 80s during the week.

The next weather system will arrive at the end of the week with showers Friday and rain more likely to usher in the chilly air Saturday…. what is not shown here will be the 60s that will follow.

October 1 weather forecast 7 day Sunday


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Aurora Photos From Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia

Aurora Northern Lights April 23 Deep Creek Lake Maryland


Please share your thoughts and best weather pics/videos, or just keep in touch via social media



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