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June 6 More Smoke Haze And Scattered Thundershowers

Maryland Weather
climate data

June 6, 2023

Tuesday Morning Update

The hazy sky has become routine with widespread wildfires from the source region of our air. This time it is Eastern Canada AND a new flare-up of fires in Michigan. This will continue to spread more smoke our way, with today’s air quality being more of an issue.

Some showers will try to develop this afternoon, which will stir up the air and could bring more particulates to the surface. So, you may smell more smoke.

Red Orb at 8 PM Monday in Sykesville, MD

Shannon Berk (my wife) took this photo.

The deep red orb is also due to the filtering light through the smoke particles. The lower in the sky, the more red the sun will appear. This works in reverse as it rises in the morning.

June 5 smokey smokey red sun


Morning Surface Weather

The stalled storm off the coast of Maine remains a dominant force for the cooler air AND push of smoke.

  • Red Flag Warning: New Jersey
  • Fire Weather Watch: Central Pennsylvania
  • Air Quality Alert: Central Maryland/Delmarva

The cold front will develop scattered showers and reinforce the wind flow this afternoon.


June 6 weather Tuesday morning

Smoke Plots

Tuesday Morning

June 6 weather smoke forecast

Smoke Forecast Tuesday to Thursday

June 6 weather smoke forecast

4 PM Snapshot

June 6 weather smoke Tuesday afternoon

Wind Forecast Today

4 PM Wind Forecast

June 6 weather wind forecast Tuesday afternoon


Wind Animation: 8 AM to 8 PM

June 6 weather wind forecast


4 PM Radar Forecast

A line of showers will develop across southern PA and enter north-central Maryland. This may stir up more smoke.

June 6 weather radar Tuesday afternoon


Radar Simulation Noon to 8 PM

June 6 weather radar forecast


4 PM Afternoon Temperatures

This will be a cooler day, thanks to the winds from the Northwest.

June 6 weather temperatures Tuesday afternoon



Building Drought As We Begin June


2023 Hurricane Season Forecast With An El Niño Watch


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TODAY June 6

Normal Low in Baltimore:  60ºF

Record 46ºF in 1997

Normal High in Baltimore: 81ºF

Record 99ºF 1925


Wednesday Weather

Morning Temperatures

Cooler weather will return.

June 6 weather temperatures Wednesday morning

Smoke Forecast

Morning: There will be more smokey haze, and once again, it will look deceivingly humid.

June 6 smoke weather Wednesday morning


Afternoon: Still a smokey haze, even with a cooler breeze.

June 6 smoke weather Wednesday afternoon


Afternoon Temperatures

June 6 weather temperatures Wednesday afternoon


7 Day Forecast

Slightly cooler weather for a few days, but the smoke will continue. Warmer temps and some brief heat over the weekend.

June 6 weather forecast 7 day Tuesday



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