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February 5 Starting Our Warm Up Ahead And Look Back At Historic Blizzard Anniversary

Maryland Weather
climate data
Record Weather
Winter Weather

February 5, 2023

Sunday Morning

We have already turned the corner. The historic cold air (for New England) and our bitter chill has quickly changed. Today will be a rather pleasant day by early February standards.  We have a warm week ahead, but there is still some attempt of winter trying to show up next weekend.

Today is the anniversary of the most extreme snow week on record in our region. Not the individual storm, but the fact that 2 blizzards hit within 5 days in 2010.  See today’s anniversary event below.

Morning Surface Weather

A shift of winds still has variable cloud cover, however the winds are shifting from the Southwest and will pump in warmer air for a few days.

February 5 weather Sunday morning

Local Weather

Morning Temperatures

February 5 weather Sunday morning temperatures

24 Hour Temperature Change

This shows how much warmer these numbers are since yesterday morning.

February 5 weather Sunday morning temperature change


Afternoon Temperatures

Some areas could get close to 50ºF today and tomorrow even if the model is not showing it here.  Even warmer temps are on the way.

February 5 weather Sunday afternoon temperatures

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TODAY February 5

Normal Low in Baltimore:  25ºF

Record -1ºF in 1996

SNOW: 9.0” 2010

Normal High in Baltimore: 44ºF

Record 73ºF 1991

Climate Trivia

Today was the start of the first of two blizzards to hit in 2010. This first storm brought a total of 25 inches of snow to Baltimore’s BWI. It started a controversial debate as it was about to break the all time record, then NWS stopped reporting measurements. Then retroactively they lowered the snow totals, dating back to 2000. This was explained as different methods of snow measurements from The NWS standards and FAA guidelines. The NWS Observer was removed in budget cuts, leaving the FAA to monitor observations at BWI.

Both record storms added to a total 50 inches of snow to Baltimore that February. That is more than double an average season. The season total was 77 inches.  That was more than triple an average season!

February 5 record snow blizzard Maryland 2010


Monday Weather

Morning Temperatures

Not as cold.

February 5 weather Monday morning temperatures


Afternoon Temperatures

Cloud cover may inhibit some warming, but more warmth is on the way.

February 5 weather Monday afternoon temperatures


Tuesday Evening Weather

The storm track will again remain to our west as High Pressure parks off the Southeast US coast. This is what will pump in warmer air for a few days.

February 5 weather Tuesday warmer


Looking Ahead

Jet Stream Tuesday Feb 7 to Tuesday Feb 14

After the ridge and warming this week, there will be another push to return the cold air to the east coast.

February 5 weather jet stream storm forecast


Storm Animation Tuesday To Saturday

The ECMWF Model storm pattern does ride the warm air in with rain, then a possible last wave shifting south with colder air and maybe inland snow.

February 5 weather storm rain


Next Weekend Snapshot

Please keep in mind that this is one week ahead, but the 3rd day in a row of still showing some form of winter weather. I believe this will continue to morph, but I am tracking that wintry element.

Often in February if we see unseasonable warmth in the 60s or higher, it is met with a return of winter within a week.

February 5 weather snow next weekend


7 Day Forecast

The warm up this will culminate at the end of the week. The only mitigating factor may be how much rain we see on Thursday.

Models bring in a trough and shortwave next weekend. That is why I am keeping a wintry mix in place.

In February when we see a big warm up, it is often followed by a return of winter weather in some form.

February 5 weather forecast 7 day Sunday



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