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November 19 Snow Video From Buffalo And Local Record Cold

snow report
National Weather Service
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November 19 2022

Saturday Morning Update 

Cold air has settled in, and it brought widespread flurries and snow showers for us yesterday. This morning we have a jet stream producing early clouds, which I will show on satellite. Tomorrow we get a reinforcing shot of cold air that may lead to a record cold afternoon for Baltimore and the Mid Atlantic. More on that and our Thanksgiving outlook below. 

Morning Surface Weather

Lake Effect Snow continues as the narrow bands will be shifting NORTH of Buffalo, then back south into the high total zones later today.

We have a jet streak, which is a band of fast winds aloft producing clouds in the Mid Atlantic. This should fade by the afternoon yielding more sun. Then the reinforcing colder air arrives tomorrow. More on that below.


Jet Streak On Satellite

This band of clouds (ending at 7:30 AM) across northern Virginia to Central Maryland and Delaware is from faster winds aloft.

November 19 weather satellite Saturday morning


Lake Effect Snow in New York

The big news continues to be Lake Effect Snow in Western New York, especially south of Buffalo. It is amazing to consider that over 5 feet of snow has fallen in a few places, which includes Orchard Park (home of the Buffalo Bills) with 66 inches! There is an investigation to confirm if that was in a 24 hour period. If it holds up, it will be a new record for New York State. So I gathered a few videos and photos for eye candy, however it is becoming a dangerous situation.  Two people have died shoveling snow, and now there is fear of roofs collapsing with the weight of the snow.

Totals As Of Saturday Morning

  • 71 inches – Natural Bridge
  • 66 inches – Orchard Park
  • 65 inches – Blasdell
  • 61 inches – Hamburg
  • 57 inches – Watertown 
  • 54.4 inches – East Aurora
  • 50 inches – Eden 
  • 48 inches – Marilla 


Record Today Already: Buffalo received 14 inches of snow between midnight and sunrise, setting a daily record. There will be more today!


Snow Wall Glowing At Night

This amazing look at the the edge of a Lake Effect Snow Band over Buffalo was captured by Dan Vogan


Snow Wall Closing In

Watch as the Lake Effect Snow Band moves into Buffalo leading to instant White Out conditions. The time lapse from Andy Parker


Nearly 6 Ft Of Snow On The Other Side Of the Garage Door


Buffalo Bills: This is why the game was moved

If you missed my post on Facebook or Twitter, check this out from Highmark Stadium


National Weather Service Office Trolling

This was my favorite from Miami 


Also See: Top 10 Lake Effect Snow Events In Buffalo

Click this image for more on that, as I focus on our local weather below. 



Morning Temps


Temperatures Afternoon

Mid 40s for most of the metro region and Delmarva. Inland will be in the 30s, with 20s in the snow covered areas of the high mountains. 


Wind Chills 

Most of the region will feel like the 30s or colder. 


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TODAY November 19

Normal Low in Baltimore:  36ºF

Record 19ºF in 2014

SNOW: 2” in 1955

Normal High in Baltimore: 56ºF

Record 77ºF 1928

Wind Forecast:

Steady winds 10 to 20 mph, with gusts up to 30 mph!

November 19 wind forecast Sunday

Sunday Morning

Near or below freezing. This is NOT the record cold. That will be later in the day.

Sunday Afternoon 

The record COLDEST AFTERNOON (MAX TEMP) was 38ºF in 1984.  This 35ºF forecast for BWI would set a new record!


Wind Chill

If you are going to the Ravens Game, it will be COLD!  Dress for January and consider extra socks and pocket/hand heaters.


Thanksgiving Storm Outlook

I wrote a report a few days ago showing the GFS Model with a snow and ice mix for our region. I did expect it to change, and it has. I still expect some more fluctuations as a very active jet stream will look like winter. 

There is no promise for snow here, but I would still pay close attention to the computer guidance as this evolves…

Both the American and European Models show that storm for Friday bringing us rain and inland snow.  That cold air is potent and still may shift the storm track. It may also produce snow showers next weekend to follow which is not getting picked up on yet.



November 19 thanksgiving storm gfs

ECMWF- European Model 


November 19 thanksgiving storm ecmwf

7 Day Forecast


Faith in the Flakes Gear


SNOWSTIX – Available Now


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