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Wind (N)


Air Pressure


Sun Rise

06:45 AM

Sun Set

05:54 PM

Day Length

11:09 Hours


2 min 28 sec gain

Moon Rise

07:08 PM

Moon Set

07:28 AM

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Mar 03,2024

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September 1 Weather Starts Cooler While Tropics Heat Up

climate data
National Hurricane Center

September 1 2022

Thursday Morning Update 

We ended a very warm August that brought Baltimore 15 days at or above 90ºF.  The month closed 2.9ºF above average. Now we turn the page on the calendar with a fresh new air mass that will be pleasant. At least for a couple of days. By this weekend, the humidity and clouds will return, increasing our risk for storms.

Topical Atlantic: A lot of attention has been put here as a record was tied for August with no named storms. That should change by the weekend. Also, if you want a snowy winter, I found a trend you may want to look for repeating.

Morning Surface Weather

Less humid air is already into our region, and it will continue to ‘dry out’ through the day today.

Morning Temperatures

The 50s are getting closer, but most urban areas have settled in the 60s. The warmer 70s are around the water of the lower Chesapeake Bay.

Afternoon Temperatures: 


TODAY September 1

Normal Low in Baltimore:  63ºF

Record 53ºF in 1963

Normal High in Baltimore: 84ºF

Record 99ºF 1962

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Friday  Temperatures 

It will feel wonderful!


The 50s should get even closer to some suburbs.


Atlantics: Tropical Record

This is the 3rd time on record an August did not have named storm.  I looked further into the other years and found why one following winter had a lot of snow, and the other had very little.  Check this out.

Record August For No Named Tropical Storms: Closer Look At Snow Following


National Hurricane Center Outlooks


Next 2 Days

Tropical Depression Five Formed

This will remain in the open ocean but expected to become a hurricane in a hurry.

Next 5 Days

Two other systems have a chance to get named by early next week.


7 Day Forecast

Hurricane Season Forecast: June 1 Through November 30

NOAA 2022 Hurricane Forecast- Above Normal Again



Forecast From Colorado State University

Atlantic Hurricane Forecast


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Atlantic Tropical History: Maps of Origin Regions Every 10 Days

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