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May 22 Weather Warm Then Turning Cooler: Watching Tropics For Memorial Day Weeknd

Maryland Weather
climate data

May 22, 2023

Monday Morning Update

Today is my dad’s 80th birthday and I am glad to say our weather will be quiet as I ease back in to my work routine.

I am back to work after a few days off hiking up a 10,000 Ft mountain in Southern California. If you missed my updates on Facebook, I will put together a recap and my videos this week.

I will have some extra time to work on this as our weather will be quiet. That is until this weekend. There is a tropical disturbance that may get close to the US coast and head in our direction for the holiday weekend. We will have something off in the distance to focus on.

Temperatures at 6 AM

May 22 weather Monday morning temperatures

Morning Surface Weather

We will see increasing clouds today as a cold front approaches from the north. There is not a lot of moisture with it, so we do not expect rain. However, the temperatures will drop.

The National Hurricane Center has identified a tropical disturbance that will track towards the Bahamas. The upper level winds will help pull this closer to the Southeast US coast and perhaps into our region over the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend.

May 22 weather Monday morning

Afternoon Temperatures

With the rain passing south and less expansive, temps will end up warmer than first thought.

May 22 weather temperatures Monday afternoon

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TODAY May 22

Normal Low in Baltimore:  55ºF

Record 35ºF in 2002

Normal High in Baltimore: 77ºF

Record 99ºF 1941


Tuesday Weather

The cooler air mass will be in place.




May 22 weather temperatures Tuesday morning



May 22 weather temperatures Tuesday afternoon

Looking Ahead

Jet Stream: Tuesday to Sunday Night

A large trough of cooler air will dominate the Eastern US. This will bring cooler temperatures for the week and into the weekend. This will also help steer the tropical disturbance from the Bahamas up the coast.

May 22 weather jet stream memorial weekend

Snapshot Friday

The Deep Trough in the Southeast US will help to steer the tropical disturbance along the coast…

May 22 weather jet stream memorial weekend


Wet Holiday Weekend?

Thursday To Memorial Day Monday

Close attention on a tropical disturbance moving up the coast. There are a lot of uncertainties with this, however, it is worth paying attention to for the chance of rain, cooler winds off the ocean, and high water/waves on the coast and into The Chesapeake Bay.

May 22 weather forecast memorial weekend


Snapshot Saturday

During the weekend this Low Pressure will be part of a larger upper air unsettled pattern. So the expanded field of clouds and cooler temps will make for a cooler unofficial start to the summer season.

May 22 weather forecast weekend


7 Day Forecast

Temperatures will take a step backwards this week first from the cooler air arriving form the North. Then we will see if the tropical disturbance will move up the coast into the holiday weekend.

May 22 weather forecast 7 day monday




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