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Climate History Of April Heat Waves

Record Report
Maryland Weather
climate data

April 20, 2023

I am writing this report on the eve of another hot day that may challenge a record high in Baltimore. Well, for much of the Mid Atlantic to be more inclusive. If we get to that record, it will be the 3rd time this month at BWI. Following the lowest winter snowfall on record, this is bound to be a popular topic for Earth Day discussions.

After many questions asking ‘has this ever happened before?’, I dug into the extensive records and found what might be surprising.

Hottest Temperatures

The average high temperature goes from 61ºF on April 1 to 72ºF on April 30th.

The hottest April Temperature was 94ºF in Baltimore in three different years:

  • 1896
  • 1941
  • 1960 (twice)


Chesapeake Bay Sunset David Sites

Defining A Heat Wave and Relative Record Heat Wave

Record heat has happened throughout history, but to define a heat wave before summer we get into a gray area. From my perspective, a Heat Wave is defined for our region as 3 or more days in a row with temperatures at or above 90ºF.  Yes, we have had that in April.

To provide a little more context, I personally define a ‘relative record heat wave’ as record high temps established for 2 or more days in a row. This may or may not be 90ºF, but a distinct mark of a few days in row with abnormally warm temperatures. What I found were SIX occasions spread evenly through the annual database. Let’s take a look and note all the photos were taken by my friend David Sites along the Severn River and Chesapeake Bay in central Maryland this April.


Starting With This Year

April 2023

Record Highs: Spread Out/Not A ‘Wave’

  • 5th = 84ºF. This tied 1881 and 2010
  • 13th = 89ºF. This tied 1977.

We have NOT (yet) hit 90ºF.

Th record for April 21 was 88ºF in 1957.  I originally had us near 90ºF, but a breeze off the cooler Chesapeake Bay dropped the odds to upper 80s. Any shift in wind direction could hinder that. I will edit an update when verified for posterity.

Historic Record Heat Waves

I am using the calendar order starting with early in the month. So the years will vary.

1963 April Heat Wave

  • April 2nd = 88ºF; Average 61ºF
  • April 3rd = 88ºF; Average 62ºF

climate recored heat wave April 1960


1929 April Heat Wave

  • April 6th = 88ºF; Average 63ºF
  • April 7th = 88ºF; Average 63ºF
  • April 8th = 88ºF; Average 64ºF

climate recored heat wave April 1929


Boaters have been out all month truly extending their season on the Chesapeake Bay.

Chesapeake Bay Sunset sailboat David Sites


1977 April Heat Wave

  • April 12th = 88ºF; Average 65ºF
  • April 13th = 89ºF; Average 66ºF


climate recored heat wave April 1977


1896 April Heat Wave

  • April 18th = 91ºF; Average 68ºF
  • April 19th = 88ºF; Average 68ºF

climate recored heat wave April 1896


1941 April Heat Wave

  • April 14th = 91ºF; Average 66ºF
  • April 15th = 88ºF; Average 67ºF

–>Then Again

  • April 20th = 94ºF; Average 68ºF

climate recored heat wave April 1941


The water is still chilly, but the paddle boarders have been out with regularity.

Chesapeake Bay Sunset paddleboard David Sites


1960 April Heat Wave

  • April 23rd = 94ºF; Average 69ºF
  • April 24th = 93ºF; Average 70ºF
  • April 25th = 94ºF; Average 70ºF

climate recored heat wave April 1960


Hottest Full Months:

Note these numbers include April 2023 up to the 20th. The ranking is likely to drop with a cooler weather pattern for the final week of the month.

So 1960 and 1961 may retain the top two spots with the only back to back ‘hot’ spurts.

There have been 5 years with an April that had an average temperature (combined min and max temps) above 60ºF. The long range average has been 55ºF.


Hottest April Months Baltimore climate


I want to thank David Sites for the photos that helped add some appropriate background to dress up the charts. I strongly encourage following him on his Facebook Page to be entertained with weather, nature, and wildlife photos throughout the year.

Chesapeake Bay Sunset ducks David Sites


Chesapeake Bay Sunset boat reflection David Sites


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