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November 21 Cold Morning Then Mild Travel Days: Thanksgiving Weekend Storm Update

Maryland Weather
climate data

November 21 2022

Monday Morning Update 

We got the record in Baltimore on Sunday. The afternoon temperature at BWI did make it back to 38ºF, which tied as the coldest max temperature for the date. Now we get the benefits of a clear sky and light wind overnight enhancing the chill. Temps have dropped into the teens for many areas, including the airport at Ocean City.

The good news is the quiet weather pattern for a few days will allow for sunshine and mild afternoons. Thanksgiving may bring more clouds, ahead of that holiday weekend storm.  More on that below. 

Morning Surface Weather

These winds are the final push from this cold air mass.  These same winds are still producing Lake Effect Snow, however, they have shifted and the intensity is not the same as the last few days.


Morning Temps at 6 AM


Temperatures Afternoon


Atmospheric Memory – Tracking storm patterns since the summer for hints of winter ahead.  It’s been busy here in the Mid Atlantic. 

Atmospheric Memory Suggests Active Winter Storm Pattern Outlook


TODAY November 21

Normal Low in Baltimore:  35ºF

Record 16ºF in 1951 

SNOW: Trace in 2008

Normal High in Baltimore: 55ºF

Record 79ºF 1900


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Tuesday Morning


Tuesday Afternoon 


Thanksgiving Storm Outlook

Your phone app may not show this as much with the GFS (American Model) losing sight of the storm. The European Model has been consistently showing the development. Despite my original report, this looks like mostly a rain event. There will be cold air aloft, resulting in mountain snow.  I do see the cold air possibly producing producing showers with wintry mix on Saturday….

ECMWF – European Model 

Friday Morning To Sunday Morning


Snapshot Saturday Morning 

The bulk of the storm will be north, however leftover high clouds remain. Rain is identified here, with snow in the mountains. Cloud level temps will be below freezing, so we could see a wintry mix of showers.


Snapshot Saturday Afternoon

Heavy snow in the mountains continues with a few more showers locally… Cloud level temps will be below freezing, so we could see a wintry mix of showers.


Rainfall Potential

The low rain pocket around the Bay with over 1/2 inch, however most of the region is expected over 1 inch of rain.


7 Day Forecast



Faith in the Flakes Gear


SNOWSTIX – Available Now


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