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November 20 Record Cold Today And Thanksgiving Weekend Outlook

NFL Football Game
Maryland Weather
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Record Weather
Winter Weather

November 20 2022

Sunday Morning Update 

The core of the cold air has arrived. You may have noticed the wind pounding outside already. The final surge in this event has pushed through with a burst of wind overnight. As soon as we get the sun shining, this will mix the atmosphere and develop more wind into the afternoon. Combine this with the cold air mass and the thermometer will struggle. In fact, the high temperatures may have already been reached.

For Baltimore, that was 36ºF between 4:30 AM and 5:30 AM.  The thermometer at BWI may struggle to get back there this afternoon. So if this holds or is matched, it will break the old record for COLDEST DAY (Nov 20) set at 38ºF in 1984

For the 71,000 people expected at the Ravens Game today in Baltimore, BUNDLE UP! It will feel very cold, especially when standing or sitting outside for a few hours.


Extreme Weather

Top Wind Gusts and Low Wind Chills This Morning

From NWS Baltimore/Washington Region


Wind gusts in mph

  Blackwalnut Harbor       39   430 AM 11/20  WXFLOW

…Frederick County…

  Sabillasville 3 SSW      47   439 AM 11/20  AWOS

…Garrett County…

  I-68 At Us 219           46   339 AM 11/20  MESOWEST


…Augusta County…

  Afton 3 SW               53   205 AM 11/20  Mesonet


…Berkeley County…

  Martinsburg Arpt         40   409 AM 11/20  ASOS

…Grant County…

  Petersburg 1 W           45  1120 PM 11/19  AWOS

…Mineral County…

  Cumberland Reg           39   435 AM 11/20  AWOS

…Pendleton County…

  Upper Tract              47  1117 PM 11/19  RAWS

*************************WIND CHILL*************************


                        CHILL       MEASURED

                      (deg F)


…Garrett County…

  Frostburg 5 WNW        -6.0   440 AM 11/20  Wind Chill

  I-68 At Us 219         -5.0   439 AM 11/20  Wind Chill

  Accident 2 NNE         -4.0   445 AM 11/20  Wind Chill

  Garrett County Airpo   -2.0   435 AM 11/20  Wind Chill

  McHenry                -1.0   445 AM 11/20  Wind Chill


…Highland County…

  Monterey               -1.0   430 AM 11/20  Wind Chill


…Hampshire County…

  Slanesville           -14.0  1049 PM 11/19  Wind Chill


Morning Temps at 7 AM


Morning Surface Weather

These winds are the final push form this cold air mass.  These same winds are still producing Lake Effect Snow, however the winds have shifted and the intensity is not the same as the last few days.


In case You Missed This…

My Lake Effect Snow Posts Yesterday




Record Snow At Orchard Park




Wind Forecast: 7 AM to 7 PM

Steady, strong winds will last much of the day, but begin to settle down late afternoon and evening. 

3 PM Snapshots

Wind Speed

Steady winds 10 to 20 mph

Wind Gusts

Peak Winds up to 30 mph


Temperatures Afternoon

The record COLDEST AFTERNOON (MAX TEMP) was 38ºF in 1984.  This forecast would set a new record!


Wind Chills 

Most of the region will feel like the 30s or colder. 


TODAY November 20

Normal Low in Baltimore:  35ºF

Record 22ºF in 1951 

(Coldest AFTERNOON HIGH = 38ºF in 1984)

SNOW: 2” in 1955

Normal High in Baltimore: 56ºF

Record 79ºF 1942


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Monday Morning

Near or below freezing. This is NOT the record cold. That will be later in the day.

Monday Afternoon 

With less wind, temps 10 degrees warmer will actually feel pleasant.

Thanksgiving Storm Outlook

This storm continues to show up, but models are having trouble with the development. I mentioned this in my report a few days ago and still expect more fluctuations. So the specifics about timing and temperatures will adjust as the elements to form the storm get closer. 

The European Model still shows the storm on Friday, while the GFS has delayed the organization until Sunday, resulting in a milder more rain event. 

ECMWF- European Model 


Snapshot Friday 

While we see all rain here, I’ve highlighted the line where freezing temps are identified at cloud level… Which could involve sleet or snow. It is still early….

GFS Model: Snapshot Sunday

This product is nearly 2 days later and a little warmer. This is the model that showed ice and snow for Friday just two days ago.


I have been showing you this to highlight that despite all the advances, long range forecasting heading into winter will continue to be a challenge and NOT trustworthy beyond a week. 


7 Day Forecast



Faith in the Flakes Gear


SNOWSTIX – Available Now


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