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A Very Early Look: Thanksgiving Weekend May Bring A Winter Storm

snow forecast
National Weather Service
Winter Weather

Thursday November 17 2022

I want to start by saying I am going against my own policy to discuss this potential event.  Under normal circumstances, I would not mention a winter storm until within a one week time frame simply because there is so much variability. The odds of a storm playing out exactly with snow and ice as we see it 8 or 9 days away is unlikely. However, something is going to try and form based on the global circulation. More on that in a moment. 

Two other reasons I am bringing this to attention:

  1. Buffalo and the historic Lake Effect Snow event has got people asking a lot of questions. So looking beyond snow showers tomorrow, the next event is a week away.
  2. The other reason is because it is Thanksgiving weekend we are looking at.  Information may get lost in the holiday rush and I want to keep this on the back burner just for traveling plans. 

Let’s Keep In Touch

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First: Flurries and Snow Showers Friday

This is a minor event that may cross central Maryland to Philadelphia late afternoon and evening.

NAM 3 Km Model 2 PM to 10 PM

Baltimore suburbs timing: 3 PM to 6 PM.

November 18 snow radar simulation


Now, let’s get to the good stuff:

Thanksgiving Weekend

North American Jet Stream

The European Model shows a closed Low in the North Atlantic, leading to a negative North Atlantic Oscillation (-NAO).

This helps feed cold air and dig a deep trough for the eastern US.


USA View:

That deep trough would be responsible for colder air and a storm pattern. This does NOT promise the proper conditions, but it does support it.


European ECMWF Model 7 AM Thursday to 7 AM Sunday

We can see that trough develop Thanksgiving Day in the Southern Plains to Mid Atlantic on Friday.

November 17 Thanksgiving Storm Jet Stream European


GFS Model 7 AM Thursday to 7 AM Sunday

This model has a much stronger short wave and digs that trough resulting in a storm for the Mid Atlantic on Friday.

November 17 Thanksgiving Storm Jet Stream GFS


Storm Simulation 

I need to mention that the European Model does not develop a surface storm (at this time). I’ve actually seen the GFS Model perform better recently, so what I show below is worth consideration.

(GFS Model)

7 AM Fri Nov 25 to 7 AM Sun Nov 27

This looks like a Miller B set up with an arctic Low in the Mid-West shifting energy to a new Coastal Low.

I am keeping the wide view to keep this vague because I do expect changes over the next few days.

November 17 storm forecast Thanksgiving Friday GFS


Snapshot: 7 PM Fri Nov 25

I picked the worse case scenario at this time, which would be Friday night.

This is NOT a forecast. It is a suggestion that many of us meteorologists will be watching.  In fact, this was the 12Z (Thursday morning forecast). The 18 Z (afternoon) run was less impressive, but the ‘off hour’ plots often waffle. It’s too early to take seriously but fun to watch. 



I will NOT hype this storm, and caution anyone who does. The Buffalo Lake Effect Snow will have our attention into the weekend and keep this is a side note.  More than likely some form of a storm will develop Thanksgiving weekend not exactly like this.  Stay tuned… Winter may try to start early. 


Lake Effect Snow Update

The National Weather Service UPPED the Snow Forecast.

See my Poll on Twitter below and join in to make the call.


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You Make The Call



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