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Watch The Artemis 1 Launch As NASA Makes Third Try Early Wednesday Morning

rocket launch

November 15 2022

We are going back to the moon and this first step has been an extra long wait.  NASA is sending The Space Launch System, a massive rocket plug the Orion spacecraft into orbit. A technical issue back in August, plus Hurricane Ian have gotten in the way. Now the launch time is set for early Wednesday morning as optimal weather may give the truly dedicated a spectacular show. 

There are two ways to watch this: In person from Florida or online. Below I will provide the Weather Radar Widget AND NASA Livestream video broadcast. 

Amazing View

This was an iconic view, but also a signal that the fueling is complete and the rocket is ready.


Launch Schedule

  • Day: Wednesday November 16, 2022
  • Time: 1:04 AM EST
  • Window: 120 minutes

Visible Launch Range

Weather permitting, the bright light from the plumes of the Moon rocket’s twin solid rocket boosters and four RS-25 engines could be seen against the dark night sky for up to 70 seconds after liftoff from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The rocket and spacecraft will no longer be visible to the naked eye after reaching an altitude of 42,000 feet.


Weather Radar:

Cape Canaveral and Space Coast

Use the controls to switch between radar and wind


Live Broadcast


Mission Details and Videos

Artemis 1: We Are Ready

NASA Video


Artemis Fun Facts

Right now it is the biggest and most powerful rocket to date. Space X’s Starship is aiming to surpass it though.


  • Artemis is the name of the mission to the moon.
  • SLS stands for Space Launch System


  • White cylinders on the side.
  • They are 17 stories high!
  • Each one = power/thrust of 14 four engine jumbo commercial airliners.

Core Stage

  • This is the orange cylinder. This is 212 Feet Tall!
  • For the launch: This will be filled with 537,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen and 196,000 gallons of liquid oxygen.


  • This is the capsule at the top of the rocket. This is where people will ride in future missions.
  • Three mannequins are strapped in to seats for this mission.


Among thousands of other momentos on board:

  • Girl Scout badges, LEGO minifigures, tree seeds, and Snoopy!
  • Snoopy As Zero Gravity Indicator
  • A plush animal will be tethered to show zero gravity


I’m pretty sure this will be a HOT Christmas gift this year.

See more about the purpose of Snoopy


Artemis 1 Mission Poster

If viewing on a phone, turn sideways for a larger display.



How We Are Going To The Moon

NASA Video

Launch Broadcast From NASA

This player will show the LIVE event




NASA Artemis Mission Site



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