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Snow and Sleet Videos: First Taste Of Winter November 15 2022

snow forecast
Winter Weather
atmospheric memory

November 15 2022

Tuesday Evening Update

Today brought us a lot of media to document the approaching storm and for some in our region, a taste of winter.  The snow and sleet were more pronounced in the higher elevations of Maryland and Pennsylvania, but some icy mix reports did include metro Baltimore.

I love days like this both for the actual weather, but also being able to share the weather from other people and put an extra smile on some faces. 

For starters, here is the snow and stickage around 4 PM in Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland. They had a wintry mix all day, now back to snow.  Thanks to Kristin Skeweris for this look.


Let’s back up to how this day got started.


Red Sky In Morning 

Let’s back up to this morning’s sunrise near Annapolis, MD and this vivid sky captured by David Sites. Here was my post on Facebook:


For what it’s worth I think he was more excited to see my Tweet get Re-Tweeted by Jim Cantore. This great capture was seen by even more on Instagram!


Winter Weather

Snow Video: Western Maryland

Temps were in the 20s around Deep Creek Lake where a mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain fell. Turn up the volume and you will hear it.



Doppler Radar: 3 Hour Loop

1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Here is a look at the Afternoon Radar showing the mix of snow (blue), sleet (pink), and rain (green).

This is computer analyzed and it has been having trouble depicting. The pink shade… icy mix has been expanding into south central Pennsylvania. Adams and York Counties (Gettysburg to York) expecting to be on the edge for a few hours.


Altoona, PA

This location is highlighted on that radar loop, under the banner.

Meteorologist Howard Bernstein shared his early taste of winter.



If you ask me, slow motion snow videos are ALWAYS a winner.



Evening Surface Weather

This system has grown a little more impressive than the models suggested. The track is also a little farther east. I am marking this in my Atmospheric Memory file for winter.


Live Radar Loop

Last 2 Hours (this will update with each page refresh)

Showing Last 2 Radar map data

Last 2


Forecast Reminder:

7 PM

  • Burst of Snow and sleet in those Northwest suburbs may last for a few hours….
  • Heavier snow with stickage more likely along Rt 15 and I-81.



The freezing line may get closer to Westminster and York.


Other Models

Canadian GEM


European ECMWF


Rest Of The Night (GFS)

Turning to rain with slightly warmer air moving in from the south.

10 PM


1 AM Wednesday



4 AM Wednesday

Winter Weather Advisory


Winter Precipitation Explanation

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See more about rain vs. sleet vs. snow


National Weather Service Snow Forecasts







Rain/Precipitation Total




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