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Fall Foliage Report Photos And Outlook For October 7 Weekend

Frost and Freeze
Fall Foliage
Maryland Weather

It has been quite the ride for this first week of October. With six days in a row of chilly rain, thanks to The Ghost of Hurricane Ian Nor’easter, the leaf color in the Mid-Atlantic region has been accelerated.  I compared this to last year’s reports and we seem to be right on schedule.

The work week is ending with sun and warm temps, but that will switch back to an autumn chill again this week. Perfect for a short, or long drive for leaf peeping.

The leaf colors are changing in metro Baltimore, away from the water, up north to southern PA.  Great color is showing up in the mountains of western Maryland and West Virginia. However the winner this week goes to New England. So I wanted to start off with a comparison of a few images and you decide who should win. Then see the regional maps below.

New England Map

The northern states are at their peak this weekend through next week. Meanwhile spotty color is just creeping into our immediate region. In the Mid Atlantic the colors will really open this weekend and next week across southern Pennsylvania, Western Maryland, West Virginia, and along Skyline Drive in Virginia.

New England Top Photos

Lake Willoughby VT

Click here to see the image and comments here


White Mountains NH

Courtesy of @brianjohnsadventure on IG


Snowshoe Mountain WV


York County PA

Lake Redman in Dallastown. This was Thursday morning October 6,  thanks to Jay Ryan. Lake Redman is located just off I-83 between Exits 10 and 14.

There is also spotty color even in Shrewsbury just north of the PA line.


Latest Leaf Maps


I received two maps today, and I wanted to see which one you like better. Please let me know in the Poll below.

Same Data, different display. I will use the winner as the main source in the next report. 

There is spotty color across Adams, York, and Lancaster Counties just north of Baltimore. 

A) From The PA Department of Community & Economic Development 



B)  From the PA Department of Natural Resources


Foliage Map

Which Fall Foliage map is a better display for Pennsylvania?



West Virginia 

Before showing the map, I should share this tweet from Snowshoe Mountain with the 3 part full panorama of that view I previewed above.  Note, the elevation of the peak is 4,848 Ft. The lake is about 3,200 Ft above sea level. So the season is usually a month early than the big cities. 


Division of Forestry provides this average map for expectations.

Click here for the Live Leaf Map


Virginia Department of Forestry

A current report is not available for the state. We do have this forecast map for the expected peak color during October.



Back to Maryland

Western Maryland starting to show off around Deep Creek Lake



The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is delayed with their map. It should be ready on Friday and I will update it then.

So please note this was LAST WEEK.

I know there is color showing up in the leaves in parts of Frederick, Carroll, Baltimore, and even northern Harford County.



This Weekend Through Next Week

The next two to three weeks will bring top color to our region. The benefit of a warm end to summer, recent rain, and dry pattern ahead with cool nights should make for some of the best color we have seen in a few years.

The colors will really open this weekend and next week across southern Pennsylvania, Western Maryland, West Virginia, and along Skyline Drive in Virginia.



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