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Confirmed EF-3 Tornado in Delaware This Past Weekend Was Strongest In 62 Years

storm recap
National Weather Service

April 3, 2023

The recent severe weather event that crossed the Mid Atlantic region on Saturday April 1 was more real than many hoped for. While there was a large swath of hail and wind damage, the focus of this report is the tornado that hit Sussex County in Delaware just before 6 PM.

EF-3 Tornado Report

Top winds are estimated to have been 140 mph. This is based on the debris. This considers the type of damage and how far items were tossed.

This rating is considered ‘Severe Damage’, and is only the second time in Delaware history when a tornado this strong was recorded.

The last one was on April 28, 1961, or 62 years ago.


Doppler Radar Loop 5:40 PM to 6:25 PM

According to the National Weather Service Office storm survey, an EF-3 Tornado first hit the ground in Bridgeville, DE at 5:59 PM and remained on the ground through Ellendale, DE until 6:19 PM.

Over those 20 minutes, it was on the ground for 14.3 miles and had a maximum width of 700 yards.

This left a large path of destruction and one fatality.

Tornado Doppler Radar Delaware April 1 2023


EF Scale

Enhanced Fujita Tornado Scale


Roof Torn Off

This photo helps show one safety tip I inform all students in my school assemblies:

Get to the lowest level of your building!

Photo by Kyle Brochet

tornado damage Delaware


Photographer/Chaser Kyle Brochet captured the cloud rotation as this was forming. In this clip, I sped it up to help show the cyclonic flow.

See his damage photos below.


Some Complete Destruction

tornado damage Delaware April 1 2023


Storm Map

The path was potted by WBOC Meteorologist John Conway



Getting Worse Or Just A Bad Season?

If we look at the data, this year is already well above normal pace. To date across the US, there have been 350 tornadoes, compared to the average of 239.

The last two seasons and majority of the last decade has trended below average. It may seem like we are due to make up for lost time.



More Photos

Another home with the top floor torn out.

tornado damage Delaware April 1 2023


Notice the top of the trees sheered off.

tornado damage Delaware April 1 2023


Garage Roof caved in.

tornado damage Delaware April 1 2023


Of all the tornadoes in the NWS Mount Holly, NJ region, this was the strongest.



More Trees Sheered Off

tornado damage Delaware April 1 2023


This home was lucky the roof held.


tornado damage Delaware April 1 2023



More Photos From Kyle Brochet


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