Conditions: Baltimore, Maryland, 06/26/2022 09:50:04 pm


Mostly Cloudy with Light Rain


Dew Point
Relative Humidity


Feels Like


Wind (N)


Air Pressure


Sun Rise

05:42 AM

Sun Set

08:37 PM

Day Length

14:55 Hours


0 min 16 sec loss

Moon Rise

03:41 AM

Moon Set

06:50 PM

Next: New Moon

Jun 28,2022

Moon Phase

Waning Crescent

Average Low



Average High
Record Low




Record High
Current Conditions

May 18 Weather Pleasant Day With Rain Tonight And. Summer Heat To Follow

Maryland Weather
climate data

May 18 2022

Wednesday Morning Report

I hope you can get out and enjoy the weather today. It will be as good as it gets mid spring. It might be a good time to get potted plants out of the house and plant seeds, with a good soaker on the way overnight. 

Tomorrow should be dry after sunrise, then get set for a full surge of summer heat into the weekend!

Morning Set UP

Surface Weather




Local Look

Morning Temperatures 



Afternoon Temperatures

Simply Pleasant: High clouds will arrive and may thicken up to dim the sun before sunset…


Rain Tonight

Evening Snapshot – Showers after sunset

Simulation Animation: 10 AM to 8 AM Thursday

Heavy rain overnight, may contain thunder after midnight.



Rainfall Potential

Metro Baltimore to York can expect over 1/2″ with higher amounts near the Bay and over northern Delaware.



TODAY May 18th

Normal Low in Baltimore:  53ºF

Record 35ºF in 1973


Normal High in Baltimore: 74ºF

Record 97ºF 1962



Thursday: We will clear out After Sunrise…






In Case You Missed It

May 16 Storm Hail Storm Report 

Videos, Photos, and Local Maps


7 Day Forecast

Humidity builds tomorrow then just plain HOT for the weekend.

Preakness should dry with storms that night.

A period of rain and storms from Sunday Afternoon to Tuesday as we cool back down.




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Tropical Season Begins June 1

Atlantic Hurricane Forecast


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