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05:44 AM

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08:23 PM

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14:39 Hours


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01:45 PM

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02:23 AM

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Jun 03,2023

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May 12 Tracking The Old Coastal Storm Returning Inland For This Weekend

Coastal Storm
climate data

May 12 2022

Thursday Morning Report

That old storm that has been wondering off of the East Coast has been causing all of our wind and shoreline flooding this week. Yesterday it was evident on satellite as the center circulation was drifting back towards the coast. 

Check this out: That storm was also responsible for the increase in clouds farther inland.  This will be similar to what we expect today.



This Morning… 

The focus will be on the onshore wind, which will build back in rain. However it is impossible to pin point where and when on Saturday and Sunday. So outdoor plans may be affected but not promised for any location. The rain will pop up at any time with more numerous thunderstorms in the afternoons and evenings.

Surface Weather



Wind Forecast 

The winds will be increasing and shifting direction around that Low Pressure. This is going to bring clouds back and eventually develop sprinkles today and widespread showers Friday through the weekend. 



Cloud Forecast 8 AM to 8 PM



Radar Simulation 

Showers will expand across southern Maryland and Southeast Virginia.

Some sprinkles may reach into metro Annapolis and Baltimore by the end of the day.



Afternoon Temperatures

Another widespread range from mid 70s inland to 50s along the coast.


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TODAY May 12th

Normal Low in Baltimore:  51ºF

Record 35ºF in 1963


Normal High in Baltimore: 73ºF

Record 94ºF 1881





Radar Simulaiton Snapshot

A closer of rain may already be crossing central Maryland by sunrise.



Rain Animation Friday Through Sunday Night

The slow moving storm off the coast will circle around, and is expected to build back in later in the week.  At this time it looks like increasing clouds Friday with showers and storms next week. 



7 Day Forecast

It is IMPORTANT to note that shower and storms will be scattered and random through the weekend. More numerous in the afternoons, but impossible to plot specifically for any location or event in this pattern. 

I wish I could do better, but it will be a game of chance.




Tropical Season Begins June 1

Atlantic Hurricane Forecast


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