Current Conditions: Baltimore, Maryland, 10/19/2021 01:50:03 am




Dew Point
Relative Humidity


Feels Like


Wind (N)


Air Pressure


Sun Rise

07:20 AM

Sun Set

06:22 PM

Day Length

11:02 Hours


2 min 26 sec loss

Moon Rise

06:14 PM

Moon Set

06:10 AM

Next: Full Moon

Oct 20,2021

Moon Phase

Waxing Gibbous

Average Low



Average High
Record Low




Record High
Current Conditions

Friday June 21 Summer Solstice But Feeling Like Spring


Friday June 21

Summer officials begins today. The Summer solstice is the moment when the rays from the sun are farther north on the Tropic of Cancer. Here are some key elements that make this special:

  • 11:55 AM = Summer Solstice
  • 5:40 AM = Sunrise
  • 1:08 PM = Solar Noon
  • 74.2º = Peak sun angle
  • 8:36 PM =  Sunset *But wil be 8:37 PM June 25 to 30)
  • 14 hr 56 min 25 sec = Length of daylight

Note: While the length of daylight gets shorted after today, the warmest temperatures are usually during the second and third week of July. It’s called the seasonal temperature lag. We also get the coldest temperatures a few weeks AFTER the winter solstice. 

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The weather today will be breaking out of our stormy pattern. Gusty winds will dropping the humidity and temperatures. We could still get a brief late day showers, but the weekend will be clear, crisp, and feeling like spring.


Morning Temperatures

Windy Morning



Brief Late Date Shower

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Afternoon Forecast Temperatures


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Local Weather Stats: Friday June 21, 2019 in Baltimore

Average High:  85ºF

Record High: 100ºF in 2012

Average  Low: 64ºF

Record Low:  50ºF in 1968

Sunrise: 5:40 AM

Sunset 8:36 PM  

*Daylight = 0:01 longer than yesterday 

*Bay Water Temperature = 74ºF at Thomas Pt. Light House 


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Weekend Outlook


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Temperature Outlook 


Looking Ahead

After this gorgeous weekend, the heat and humidity will return next week. That will bring back daily afternoon storms


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