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Fall Foliage Report And Outlook October 8

Fall Foliage

October 8 2021

The leaves are turning and the expansion of color will be accelerating. We are now in the time of year where a day trip with just a few hours can take you to a dramatically different view of fall scenery.

My friend Kristin Skeweris shared this picture by Deep Creek Lake earlier the week. Granted we are looking a a range of elevation between 2,000 and 3,000 feet above sea level, where it gets colder sooner.   This region will be bear peak this weekend and next week. 



Compare her photo on Tuesday to the next photo on Thursday, and all around the lake it can be expected to show much more color this weekend. 



Deep Creek Web Cam – From Railey Realty

Here’s a look at a live web came from Railey on Deep Creek Lake. The water holds heat longer, so there may be more color in other parts of the county.

This web cam is located at The Greene Turtle Deep Creek Lake. It will pivot to show Wisp Resort, including a zoomed-in view of Squirrel Cage, The Face, the terrain park, Boulder, the mountain coaster, the tubing park and a shot of McHenry Cove at Deep Creek Lake!



Sunlight Change

If you have not noticed , you are on a NEW UPGRADED version of my website.

On the right side of this page, there is a tab for ‘Current Conditions’.  If yo tap then, and then tap the Sun section, you will see more info including the daily change/loss of daylight. 


Maryland Report

The Department of Natural Resources is indicating the leaves will be near peak in far western Maryland this weekend. 

Colors are showing in parts of all counties west of the Chesapeake Bay.  You will notice more color in the colder sections farther inland away from the water. 


Even Closer… Check out Damascus, MD





This report is a little dated… Which can happen in just a few days.

I’ve highlighted that Southern PA already has noticeable colors on display across Adams, York, and Lancaster Counties.




West Virginia Leaf Report

Division of Forestry provides this average map for expectations.

Click here for the Live Leaf Map



Virginia Department of Forestry

A current report is not available for the state. We do have this forecast map for the expected peak color during October.



Forecast: Mid Atlantic

Assuming normal conditions, this is the expectation of leaf color change into early October. 

Things that can change could be a large rain and or wind event. 


Week Of October 11

I will have updates weekly to help you plan your day trips.


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Maryland Trek Gear



Maryland Trek 8 Says THANK YOU!

Running Total Raised $116,438

During 329 Miles From Wisp To Ocean City

To Honor Kids In Cancer Treatment and Support FREE Programs At Just In Power Kids


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National Weather Service Adds Maryland Cecil And Garrett Counties

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