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iNWS Alert

NWS Alert

Event extended (time). Flood Warning from 9/3/2021 3:33 AM to 9:35 AM EDT for Central Maryland. More information.

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Radar valid at 935 am EDT, Sep 3rd 2021

alert legend

...The Flood Warning continues for the following rivers in Maryland... Monocacy River near Frederick affecting Frederick County.

333 AM EDT Fri Sep 3 2021

...The Flood Warning is now in effect until late this morning...

The Flood Warning continues for
the Monocacy River near Frederick.
* Until late this morning.
* At 3:16 AM EDT Friday the stage was 15.1 feet, or 0.1 feet above
flood stage.
* Flood stage is 15.0 feet.
* Minor flooding is occurring.
* Recent Activity...The maximum river stage in the 24 hours ending
at 3:16 AM EDT Friday was 19.0 feet.
* Forecast...The river is expected to fall below flood stage early
this morning and continue falling to 5.0 feet early Monday morning.
* Impact...At 15.0 feet, Both banks of the river are flooded. Water
begins to flood low-lying fields at Monocacy National Battlefield.
Water reaches the access road of the Frederick city wastewater
treatment plant. Backwater flooding is occurring on several area
creeks, particularly Carroll Creek in Frederick.
* Flood History...This crest compares to a previous crest of 15.2
feet on 02/18/1998.


River Name Fld Observed Fri Fri Fri Crest
Location Stg Stg Day/Time 8AM 2PM 8PM Stg Time Date

Monocacy River
Frederick 15.0 15.1 Fri 3 am 13.1 10.9 9.4 MSG unknown


LAT...LON 3958 7738 3955 7731 3940 7735 3924 7741
3922 7745 3926 7748 3951 7742

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