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iNWS Alert

NWS Alert

New event. Flood Warning from 9/3/2021 3:12 AM to 6:49 PM EDT for Central Maryland. More information.

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Radar valid at 649 pm EDT, Sep 3rd 2021

alert legend

...The National Weather Service in Baltimore MD/Washington DC has issued a Flood Warning for the following rivers in Maryland... Virginia... Potomac River at Edwards Ferry affecting Loudoun and Montgomery Counties. For the Potomac River...including Paw Paw, Hancock, Dam Number Five, Shepherdstown, Harpers Ferry, Point of Rocks, Edwards Ferry, Little Falls...Minor flooding is forecast.

936 PM EDT Thu Sep 2 2021

The National Weather Service in Sterling Virginia has issued a

* Flood Warning for
the Potomac River at Edwards Ferry.
* From late tonight to tomorrow evening.
* At 9:16 PM EDT Thursday the stage was 14.2 feet, or 0.8 feet below
flood stage.
* Flood stage is 15.0 feet.
* Minor flooding is forecast.
* Forecast...The river is expected to rise above flood stage late
tonight to a crest of 15.4 feet tomorrow morning. It will then
fall below flood stage early tomorrow afternoon.
* Impact...At 15.0 feet, Water reaches the boat ramp and lower
parking area at Edwards Ferry, and begins to inundate areas near
Whites Ferry.
* Flood History...No available flood history.


River Name Fld Observed Fri Fri Fri Crest
Location Stg Stg Day/Time 2AM 8AM 2PM Stg Time Date

Potomac River
Edwards Ferry 15.0 14.2 Thu 9 pm 14.9 15.4 14.9 15.4 8am Fri


LAT...LON 3923 7744 3913 7745 3908 7730 3903 7736
3905 7745 3911 7755 3920 7754

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