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iNWS Alert

NWS Alert

Event extended (time). Flood Warning from 9/1/2021 9:47 PM to 9/2/2021 6:00 AM EDT for Delmarva/Southern MD. More information.

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Radar valid at 600 am EDT, Sep 2nd 2021

alert legend

...The Flood Warning is extended for the following rivers in Delaware... Christina River At Coochs Bridge affecting New Castle County. For the Christina River...including Coochs Bridge...Moderate flooding is forecast.

947 PM EDT Wed Sep 1 2021

...The Flood Warning is now in effect until tomorrow morning...

The Flood Warning continues for
the Christina River At Coochs Bridge.
* Until Thursday morning.
* At 9:31 PM EDT Wednesday the stage was 12.8 feet.
* Flood stage is 11.0 feet.
* Moderate flooding is occurring and moderate flooding is forecast.
* Recent Activity...The maximum river stage in the 24 hours ending
at 9:31 PM EDT Wednesday was 12.8 feet.
* Forecast...The river is expected to fall below flood stage just
after midnight tonight and continue falling to 6.7 feet just after
midnight tonight.
* Impact...At 9.0 feet, Flooding begins in fields and floodplain
adjacent to the river.
* Impact...At 11.0 feet, Flooding begins in the town of Christiana.
East Main Street (Del 7) begins to flood as does Water Street.
Meadow Road near New Castle Airport is subject to flooding.
Barksdale Road near Casho Mill Road is also subject to flooding as
are residential backyards.
* Impact...At 11.5 feet, Portions of Duross Heights near New Castle
Airport begin to flood including Don Avenue. Airport Road at the
New Castle Airport begins to flood as the Christina River backs up
the Nonesuch Creek. Walther Road in the Bear area also floods.
Flooding also occurs around Smalley's Pond Dam in Christiana.
* Impact...At 12.0 feet, Significant flooding occurs on Meadow Road
in Christiana. Roads are closed. Homes are flooded. Salem Church
Road and Reybold Road floods in Christiana also flood and are
subject to closures. Residential backyards can flood in this area.
Flooding also occurs in Newark on West Chestnut Hill Road and
South College Avenue.
* Impact...At 12.5 feet, Evacuations are possible in Duross Heights.
Airport Road at the New Castle Airport floods is closed.
Businesses are flooded. Flooding increases in Newark. Flooding
also increases on Barksdale Road and can extend onto Casho Mill
Road. Businesses on South College Avenue take on water.
* Impact...At 13.0 feet, Flooding increases. Evacuations also
increase in the towns of Newark and Christiana. Roads become
* Flood History...This crest compares to a previous crest of 13.1
feet on 10/01/2010.


Fld Observed Forecasts (unknown time)
Location Stg Stg Day/Time d1 d2 d3

Christina River
Coochs Bridge 11.0 12.8 Wed 9 pm EDT MSG MSG MSG


LAT...LON 3964 7578 3970 7578 3965 7570 3968 7565
3968 7557 3959 7569

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