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iNWS Alert

NWS Alert

Event extended (time). Flood Watch from 9/2/2021 12:00 AM to 9/3/2021 8:39 AM EDT for Central Maryland. More information.

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Radar valid at 839 am EDT, Sep 3rd 2021

alert legend

...The Flood Watch is cancelled for the following rivers in Maryland...West Virginia... North Branch Potomac River Near Cumberland affecting Central and Eastern Allegany, Hampshire and Eastern Mineral zones. ...The Flood Watch is extended for the following rivers in Maryland...West Virginia... Potomac River at Shepherdstown affecting Jefferson, Washington and Berkeley Counties. ...The Flood Watch continues for the following rivers in Maryland... West Virginia... Potomac River at Paw Paw affecting Morgan, Central and Eastern Allegany and Hampshire Counties. Potomac River at Dam Number Five affecting Washington and Berkeley Counties. Potomac River at Hancock affecting Washington and Morgan Counties. Opequon Creek near Martinsburg affecting Jefferson and Berkeley Counties. Antietam Creek near Sharpsburg affecting Washington County. Monocacy River near Frederick affecting Frederick MD zone. Cacapon River near Great Cacapon affecting Morgan County. For the Potomac River...including Paw Paw, Hancock, Dam Number Five, Shepherdstown, Harpers Ferry, Point of Rocks, Edwards Ferry, Little Falls...flooding is possible. For the Opequon Creek...including Martinsburg...flooding is possible. For the Antietam Creek...including Sharpsburg...flooding is possible. For the Monocacy River...including Frederick...flooding is possible. For the Cacapon River...including Great Cacapon...flooding is possible.

941 PM EDT Tue Aug 31 2021

The Flood Watch continues for
the Monocacy River near Frederick.

* From late Wednesday night to Friday morning.
* At 8:30 PM EDT Tuesday the stage was 2.2 feet, or 12.8 feet below
flood stage.
* Flood stage is 15.0 feet.
* Flooding is possible.
* Forecast...Flood stage may be reached early Thursday morning.
* Impact...At 20.0 feet, Water reaches Gambrill Mill on the Monocacy
National Battlefield.


River Name Fld Observed Wed Wed Wed Crest
Location Stg Stg Day/Time 2AM 8AM 2PM Stg Time Date

Monocacy River
Frederick 15.0 2.2 Tue 8 pm 2.2 3.2 4.7 20.4 2pm Thu


LAT...LON 3958 7738 3955 7731 3940 7735 3924 7741
3922 7745 3926 7748 3951 7742

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