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iNWS Alert

NWS Alert

New event. Flood Advisory from 8/28/2021 3:06 AM to 5:30 AM EDT for Southern PA. More information.

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alert map
Radar valid at 530 am EDT, Aug 28th 2021

alert legend

Burlington NJ-Camden NJ-Gloucester NJ-Chester PA-Delaware PA-
Montgomery PA-Philadelphia PA-
306 AM EDT Sat Aug 28 2021

The National Weather Service in Mount Holly has issued a

* Flood Advisory for...
West Central Burlington County in southern New Jersey...
Northwestern Camden County in southern New Jersey...
Northwestern Gloucester County in southern New Jersey...
Northeastern Chester County in southeastern Pennsylvania...
Delaware County in southeastern Pennsylvania...
Southeastern Montgomery County in southeastern Pennsylvania...
Philadelphia County in southeastern Pennsylvania...

* Until 530 AM EDT.

* At 306 AM EDT, Doppler radar indicated heavy rain from scattered
thunderstorms. Between 0.5 and 1 inch of rain has fallen in the
areas of heaviest rain within the past hour. These rain rates will
result in areas of minor flooding in poor-drainage and urban areas.

* Some locations that may experience flooding include...
Philadelphia, Camden, West Chester, Gloucester City, Cherry Hill,
Mount Laurel, Chester, Deptford, West Deptford, Bellmawr, Yeadon,
and Westtown.

This includes the following highways...
New Jersey Turnpike between exits 3 and 4.
Pennsylvania Turnpike between mile markers 301 and 326...and
between mile markers 328 and 329.
Interstate 95 in Pennsylvania between mile markers 3 and 30.
Interstate 76 in Pennsylvania between mile markers 327 and 351.
Interstate 76 in New Jersey between mile markers 0 and 3.
Interstate 295 in New Jersey between mile markers 14 and 40.
Interstate 676 in Pennsylvania between mile markers 0 and 1.
Interstate 676 in New Jersey between mile markers 0 and 4.


Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize the
dangers of flooding.


LAT...LON 4006 7594 4011 7594 4014 7587 4023 7573
4009 7549 4010 7511 3995 7488 3973 7516

iNWS is an experimental service intended for NWS core partners, including emergency managers, community leaders and other government agencies only.