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iNWS Alert

NWS Alert

Event extended (time). Flood Warning from 8/20/2021 12:36 PM to 4:45 PM EDT for Central Maryland. More information.

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alert map
Radar valid at 445 pm EDT, Aug 20th 2021

alert legend

District of Columbia DC-Montgomery MD-Prince Georges MD-Arlington VA-
Fairfax VA-City of Alexandria VA-City of Falls Church VA-
1236 PM EDT Fri Aug 20 2021

The National Weather Service in Sterling Virginia has extended the

* Flood Warning for...
District of Columbia...
Southeastern Montgomery County in central Maryland...
Northwestern Prince Georges County in central Maryland...
Arlington County in northern Virginia...
Southeastern Fairfax County in northern Virginia...
The City of Alexandria in northern Virginia...
The City of Falls Church in northern Virginia...

* Until 445 PM EDT.

* At 1236 PM EDT, emergency management reported an area of very
heavy rainfall produced flooding across the warned area. Between 2
and 4 inches of rain have fallen. County and city 911 centers
report that over dozen roads are closed due to flooding. Flooding
continues to occur.

* Some locations that will experience flooding include...
Arlington... Alexandria...
Bethesda... Annandale...
Springfield... College Park...
Fort Washington... Greenbelt...
Langley Park... Beltsville...
Fort Hunt... Groveton...
Falls Church... Huntington...
Coral Hills... Bladensburg...
Mantua... Fort Belvoir...
Pimmit Hills... National Harbor...

Additional rainfall amounts up to 0.5 inches are possible in the
warned area.


Turn around, don't drown when encountering flooded roads. Most flood
deaths occur in vehicles.


LAT...LON 3874 7707 3868 7725 3871 7730 3870 7733
3871 7732 3873 7736 3871 7737 3872 7738
3874 7738 3874 7739 3884 7727 3898 7712
3904 7709 3905 7694 3894 7685 3886 7688
3879 7698

iNWS is an experimental service intended for NWS core partners, including emergency managers, community leaders and other government agencies only.