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Power Outages

Power Outage Tips

Power Outage Tips

Power outages can range in severity from minor (a one hour outage) to catastrophic (a week long outage).

So how can you protect yourself and the ones you love when the power goes out due to a severe weather occurrence?

Read these tips to help prepare yourself in case the unexpected happens.

Power Outage Tips

Update Your Contact Information

Before an expected outage, update your phone number and e-mail address with your electric company so you can be served faster in the event of an outage.

Assemble an Emergency Preparedness Kit

This includes a first aid kit, wind up flash light, dry food and rations, water, gasoline, flares, compass, pocket knife, lots of batteries, and a radio.

Create a Household Evacuation Plan

In case things go from bad to worse, have a well-rehearsed evacuation plan for your home. Know where the exits are, where to meet, and what to bring.

Unplug Everything

Keeping electronics unplugged will prevent them from being damaged if electricity surges during a power outage.


Make sure your pets are secure and have up to date collar IDs. In they manage to run away, having collar IDs increases the chances of them being found.

Report the Outage Immediately

Report the outage immediately to your electric company, even if you believe your neighbors already have (because you can never be too sure).

Keep Refrigerator Doors Closed

Freezers will keep food for nearly 36 hours during a power outage. Each time you open that door it lets in warm air which will speed up the thawing process.

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

These only serve to impair you and dehydrate you during a time when having your wits about you (and your nutrition) may be crucial to survival.