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September 29 Cooler Winds Arrive Today


Wednesday September 29

We got through yesterday with minimal storms, in part because of the delayed arrival of our cold front. It is moving through this morning with some showers that are already pushing across Delmarva.

This is the leading edge of a new cooler air mass. Winds will shift to the north, and we will feel it with moderate breezes this afternoon. It will feel like Fall for a few days, warming up Saturday. Then we bring showers back.

It is important to highlight the variation of temperatures in our region. My 7 Day Forecast below is based on the official report at BWI. But NO ONE lives at the airport, right?  I am very aware. This is also a warm spot for our region, which is representative of the dense urban areas. But head a few miles away to the west and north, and temperatures are often much cooler.

The mornings ahead will be warmer by the water, but much cooler inland. The difference can be 10 degrees or greater.

Morning Doppler Radar Snapshot


Morning Surface Weather


Morning Temperatures 


Afternoon Temperatures 


Weather Almanac: Climate Data

TODAY September 29

Normal Low in Baltimore:  54ºF

Record 38ºF in 1951


Normal High in Baltimore: 75ºF

Record 90º F 1954



Temperatures Thursday


Notice the widespread 40s inland




Inland will be in the 60s, while cities and by the water will hold the lower 70s.


Looking Ahead:

The chance of showers will return on Sunday, the build through Tuesday and Wednesday next week. 



7 Day Forecast








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